Reviews: Anonymous

Jin's Paradise

Seoul, South Korea

It was quite busy, but not fully booked. Jin's Paradise is split into two floors (the 6th and the 7th floor) and there is one bathroom per floor. Quite a few people on the 7th floor either had to wait to use the bathroom or go to the sixth floor to use the bathroom. They provide a warm blanket for each bed, but I would still bring warm pajamas. Jin is a friendly and fun guy.

IS@K Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

This hostel has lockers and they provide the keys for them. The kitchen is quite spacious for a hostel. There is only one bathroom and there are closed stalls for the two toilets and the three showers. That means both men and women have to share the bathroom. If you are one of those who must have their own men-only or women-only bathroom, this is NOT the hostel for you.

Khaosan Fukuoka Annex

Fukuoka City, Japan

On the plus side, their women's dormitory room had the cleanest, nicest and the most spacious bathroom I had ever seen for a hostel! The staff helped me confirm my reservation on the JR Beetle (hydrofoil). On the downside: The directions from Hakata Station to the hostel go wrong when you get to the intersection because the intersection is not a nice 90 degree four-way interesection. It took me a while to find the place.

Agit Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

The owner has a cute kitten, Koom. Since exit #7 of Yaksu Station is closed off until April 2014, use exit #6. After going out exit #6, turn to the back and go straight until you see the IBK Building and the MiniStop. At the IBK Building, turn left. You will see a pharmacy on your left and Agit Guesthouse will be on the left of the pharmacy.


For a hostel your size, you really need a few more bathrooms. If you don't have the space for another full bath (shower, toilet and sink), at least have a half bath (toilet and sink). If you need to go to the loo often or have to have your own bath, then this is not the hostel for you! The staff was very nice. Your hostel is in a good location. I didn't realize that there is a calmer side to Hongdae!

Seoulwise Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

Originally, I chose this guesthouse cuz Stay Korea was booked solid. The only downside of Seoulwise is that the ladder for their bunk beds are a little small and I'm a small person. Nevertheless, if I have a chance, I'll stay at Seoulwise Guesthouse!