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Location: China, Gender: Male, Age: 44

Riad Massine II

Marrakech, Morocco

The hostel has been in renovation and I was moved into another guesthouse just few steps away, it got no wifi access at first, and room was quite dark with dim lamps. But what really made it was actually the staff there, namely Aziz and his colleague. They are not only professional for local information, but quite friendly to share the life status, and willing to know the culture and religion in my country and offered their thoughts.I've learned a lot. Thank you Aziz, the colleague and the lady!

Auberge La Source

Merzouga, Morocco

I booked the hostel 1 day before arrival and mailed twice asking for pickup, but never got reply, so I had to call for confirmation. But the hostel is quite amazing, not only for the free pickup and dropoff from Merzouga bus stop which 5 kilos away, but the courteous and friendly way for all my demand and needs. It got big living room, cozy guestroom, terrace with great sight, and sumputous dinner and free delicious breakfast. All the things were great there, thank you La Source. I'll come back!

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

The hostel is in medina but not prime location. It got big living room and 1 old laptop which hard to use. The dorm room is clean and cozy with a cabinet and shower room attached. The 2 staff were really helpful offered me not only local information, but amazing advice for my trip route in Morocco. And what I enjoyed most is, they were willing to know the culture and religion in my country and shared their idea. I also learned a lot from that.

Funky Meridiano

Granada, Spain

The hostel belongs to Funkyhouse with another guesthouse in local and 2 more in Cordoba and Fez. The living room is not big and the 2 computers available cannot read Chinese online. The dorm room is clean and cozy with a basin in it. The staff is quite helpful with all local information and advice offered. And it got free coffee all day.

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Hi Yinghao, Thank you very much for your positive feedback. It was a pleasure having you here.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

The location is quite good with walking distance to the Mezquita-Catedral. And you can hang out in the small square just few steps away for drinking and having food. The hostel got a pub in the ground floor and I watched a football game with roomful of local guys, stuned by their emotion and energy. My room was unexpectedly upgraded, and it's very clean and tidy. The staff there and even the owner were very helpful and offered many useful advice for my complicated journey plan.

Urbany Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

I took night bus from Lisbon and arrived Seville early next morning, and have to wait till the hostel opened 8am. The living room is not big with 2 old laptops available. The dorm room is just acceptable with a little mess, and I changed my lower bunk to upper since the lower one is almost attached on the floor. But the staff were quite helpful with all local information, and recommended a wonderful Flamingo show.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

All the recommendation and prase comments are poor given the fact of its number 1 hostel worldwide. The hostel is full of fashionable style and it even got a bed with cushions on it in living room for guests goofing off there watching TV, chatting. The staff are quite professional with all local information and constructive advice offered. The room is very cozy with curtain for each bunk making it much more private and quiet. You can get free shot every evening with all guests gathered.

Yes! Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

It located in 1 of the local main street and opposite of Torre dos Clérigos. The room key is a watchlike electronic gadget available for room and your locker under the bunk. The room is quite tidy and cozy with reading light on each bunk. The shower is much more amazing with big sprinkler and hair dryer available. And you can get free shot at 11 every evening with all guests gathered, it's good for making friends.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

It located in downtown and really less than 1 minute walking distance from metro station. The canteen and living room is quite big facing reception, and it got even 10 computers and another reading room available in the basement. The room and attached shower are very clean and tidy, but you have to shut the sprinkler every 5-minute to restart or the hot shower will be shut down automatically to save energy. The staff are quite helpful for local information.


It located a little far from La Rambla but really a dozen-minute walking distance of Sagrada Familia and bus station. The room is very cozy and tidy, and even got a reading corner with couple of cushion facing window. The kitchen is 24-hour available for free bread, cup cake, juice, coffee and milk, I spent lots of time there, sorry. The most moving thing is, I got problem with online payment for Sagrada ticket, but the owner helped me out with his payment instead. Thank you again!


I don't know why it got such a name "Triple Tiger" since I didn't see any of things linked. But the hostel is quite amazing. It located just 5-minute walking distance of the local youth downtown center "Ximen" area. The living room is not big but guest room is quite clean and tidy with colorful bed sheet and shower attached. Also, free drink, tea bag and public computer available in the aisle. And the owner was very courteous and moternal, the staff Lucy was quite deligent as well. I love it!

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Thank you for your lovely comment! The hostel got such a name, because the owner has three children. You are welcome back anytime you wish!


Athens, Greece

Fivos located in the downtown center face main biz street. The dormitory room's good without higher bunk, the free breakfast was excellent including bread, milk, coffee, fruit etc. Plenty of toilet, shower. Canteen available all day for eating, reading, online surfing, chatting etc. Staff was very helpful with many useful advice, reminded me taking metro instead of bus to airport to avoid traffic caused by local demonstration. The only negative is the room's too hot, a/c not working at all.

Anemomilos Villa

Santorini, Greece

Anemomilos Villa located in north of downtown with almost 15 m walk. It got swimming pool and rooftop, breakfast is an extra. The king size room is kind of big with a balcony, but can't see any view from it. The staff was helpful to reply my questions, and recommended a restaurant few m walk, turned out to be bad for expensive and hidden charge. Free pick-up and drop-off from port/airport It could be a great place to stay considering the good price.

Black & White Hostel

Milan, Italy

Black & White located in the north of city, kind of far from downtown, but accessible by metro. The dormitory room got 6 bunk beds with upper and lower, but the upper bed is too low, I bumped my head on it when sitting on my lower bunk. Sheet is extra. Only 2 shower/toilet available for the whole hostel. Staff's helpful to reply my questions. A cheap restaurant diagonally opposite running by Chinese, seafood spaghetti only 8 e. I could be a great place to stay considering the good price.

Locanda David

Florence, Italy

When I arrived, I was ushered to another hostel named "Ostel" which just opposite of Locanda. The owner told me Locanda has been purchansed by Ostel and will be entirely renovated. Actually ostel is quite good. it got big living room with colorful furniture, the room is clean and tidy. More imporetantly, it located just 5-minute walking distance north of train station. I definately will stay there again if possible.

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Giovanni's Home located in downtown with walk distance to couple of local sights. The dormitory room's clean with a/c running, wifi is good, and it got a kitchen with free water as well. Also there's a big rooftop. Right after I checked in, Giovanni instructed me a local 1 day sight-seeing route marked on map and other advice. And he also reminded me to take care of my belongs on the street, suggested me leave important stuff in room. The only negative thing is, no toilet seat.