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EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I just loved this hostel! It´s clean, safe, with comf beds, large lockers and frieldly staff. The only point that could be better is breakfast´s price. It´s very poor and expensive (3 Euros). Wifi is good and works perfectly in every part of the hostel. I definitely recommend it! :)

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

It´s a good hostel with an amazing and helpfull staff. Wifi is also good but it doen´t work properly inside the rooms. The only problem I saw is that u must to pay for everything u want to borrow and this is not cheap. 5 pounds for the keys of the room, 5 pounds for the padlock, 5 pounds for the adaptor... pay attention and bring your own stuffs, otherwise, you´ll become poor for a few days.

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

This is a good hostel with comfortable beds, excellent wifi and good A/C when its on. Location is brilliant, in a very safe area and next to a supermarket. I vividly recommend it! Bad news 1: While in the hostel we must to use a red bracelet to control the entrance of the guests, but I didn´t feel it safe... at the end I felt like anyone could get into the hostel, guests or not. Bad news 2: no keys to close rooms door.


This is a HOTEL! Cons: no common area to meet new people, extra taxes, no breakfast or kitchen for you to do your own meal, a bit far from the main attractions if you have no car :( Pros: Super safe in terms of security, efficient receptionists, the pool lol, awsome beds and shower!


This is a good hostel with a very friendly staff. I only found 2 little problems: 1º) Wifi doen´t work well inside the rooms; 2º) A few number of bathrooms! I know they give us another 3 options outside the main house, but they are not enough especially ´cause they have no toilet! Kitchen is good and there´s a very good supermarket close to the hostel. In resume, I do recommend this cute hostel for all of my friends! :D

Hostel Revolution

Quito, Ecuador

This is a good hostel. The staff is amazing, they really help you with your requests. I honestly felt like if I was at home, because that´s the atmsphere. So, if you are looking for somewere to party, that´s not the place. For it to be perfect they could provide us a breakfast, even if it was payed. :) Good wifi and excelent beds :)

Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral

Mexico City, Mexico

This is a very good hostel with an excelent location! The room is clean and they really value silence. Don´t worry if you like to party ´cause you can have some fun at the terrace. The view is amazing! Wifi is poor and unstable! Last thing: DO NOT belive the staff when they tell you that your taxi to the airport is gonna take from 5 -15 minutes to arrive at the front door of the hostel! My taxi took 1 hour to arrive at the hostel and I almost miss my flight!

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Thanks for your comments, they help us to get better¡ As you might know we dont manage the taxi service, we work with a taxi company (that offer us better rates for our guest). We are sorry that sometimes taxis might take a little more tah they supposted to, and we understand how rude this could be... Safe travels

HI San Francisco - Downtown

San Francisco, USA

This is a clean/ modern hostel that provides a lot of options of things you can do around the city. It´s kitchen is amazing and, in general, the structure of the building is also very ok. I just think there are only a few/ tiny bathrooms for so many guests! All in all I felt very safe there.

Orange Village Hostel

San Francisco, USA

This is one of the cheapest hostels in town and if you don´t mind about being in a hostel that looks much more like a poor hotel, go ahead. I didn´t feel any atmosphere at all and the neighborhood is quite scaring at night with a LOT of drug addicted around the street, but I think this is something you are going to see around the WHOLE town. In general I liked it and I would recommend this place to my friends. :)

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

Besides it´s amazing kitchen, this hostel serves a poor variety of food for breakfast. Comfortable beds and awsome shower. The decoration is modern and they offer a lot of tours around the city, some for free. The staff is very helpfull and everything is pristine. It would be almost perfect if wifi worked better.

Barra Guest Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

Staff is AWESOME and they really make the hostel work!!! To summarize, it was the BEST staff I have seen so far!! There were only two things I didn´t like: lots of mosquitoes and no keys on rooms doors, so everybody could get into your room... I just loved the free rounds of caipirinhas. They were delicious :)

Apartamento Plus

Santander, Spain

It´s an informal hostel quite small that provides you a lot of facilities. The owner helps us a lot by being very flexible with the guests; The individual room has a big bed and a freezer; The problem is that the staff is not always there.

H Rado Hostel

Santiago, Chile

This hostel is just perfect!!! Staff is helpful, everything is clean, safe and breakfast is amazing! Simply THE BEST in town! I DEFINITELY recomend it!!!

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Despite the hostel is next to the subway, it´s quite far from downtown, like 30/35 minutes by walking. I didn´t feel safe inside the room because the locker was broken! Staff is friendly, the bar is great, breakfast is very good and the city map they give us is amazing. Good wi-fi. PS.: Room is smelly!!!


It`s a good hostel `cause it`s clean and very close to Termini. The thing is that i didn`t feel 100% safe inside the rooms because the lockers didn`t work as it should. They seemed to be bronken. There is a guy at the reception (he looks like an Indian) that is unfriendly and unhelpfull!!!

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was definitely one of the best hostels i´ve stayed in. Staff is very helpful and friendly, everything is clean, safe and with a perfect location. The only little problem is that wifi doen`t work perfectly inside the rooms.


It was DEFINITELY the best hostel I´ve been to: large lockers, safe, good atmosphere, helpful staff... The only problem is that the breakfast is a bit poor. Kitchen is not open for our own use during the day and if you intend to improve your breakfast/meal you need to pay for it.

O de Casa Hostel Bar

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The hostel has a GREAT and helpful staff. The breakfast is also very good and well served. But, for me, there were some problems: rooms were excessively close to the pub area. That "silence moment at night" they mentioned doesn´t exist. From 11 PM to 4 PM I couldn´t t sleep because I was listening to everything that was going on at the pub area. In other words: very noisy at night. Ps1.: If you like to party, go ahead! Ps2.: rooms have no keys.Ps.3 No computers at the hostel.Only wi-fi :(

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Breakfast: awsome and with a LOT of food. I just wanted it to be earlier ´cause it´s only from 8 to 11... Kitchen: could be more organized and clean, specially the fridge. Reception: They are all friendly and help you with everything you want!! :) Room: The bad thing is there´s only 1 key for everyone. So you need to pic it up at the reception everytime you need to get into the room Look: Take a lock with you to keep your stuff safe inside the lockers!!

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Thanks a lot for your review!!! It is important to know that our reception is opened 24 hours so there is always someone here able to handle your room key, as well as making sure the room where you are getting in each time is yours! We´ll be waiting for you next time :-)

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

An excelent hostel. I wish I could stay there forever. :)