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Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I had a wonderful experience at Istanbul hostel and appreciate how flexible and accommodating the staff were for me and my friend. The location is perfect for those who want to see the classic sites of Istanbul. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the rooftop terrace is gorgeous.

Hello Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Hello Hostel gave me the perfect home base from which to explore St. Petersburg, and introduced me to an entirely different side of the city and its inhabitants than I would have otherwise known. The atmosphere is warm, cozy, hip, quirky, smart, and most of all laid back. The owners have done a lot already to renovate the old building into a truly beautiful place. There is more personality and charm in this hostel than any other I've stayed at. And the staff are awesome!

iVAN Hostel

Moscow, Russia

The staff were so incredibly friendly and kind, it really made my short stay at iVan Hostel a great experience. The location is unbeatable, just a ten minute walk from the Red Square. The hostel has a very homey feel to it. I think it is a converted apartment building, so the quarters are sectioned off into what would have been apartments. You're sharing a bathroom and kitchen, but only with a small group of other people, so it's very comfortable. I will definitely return!