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Hostel Ka'beh Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

Although a bit overpriced for the area, other features more tham make up for it, namely breakfast and check out anytime, long term luggage left, freebies shelf or squeeky clean kitchen

Hostel Papaya Getsemani

Cartagena, Colombia

Definitely in need of a water pressure pump for the showers and fans in the kitchen & bathrooms, but the rest was quite enjoyable.Having a different breakfast every day is nice, thanks. Tip: get a fantastic burger for cop5500 at the street stall meters away from the door.

La Floresta Hostel

Salento, Colombia

Staff is great, all of them want to make you feel comfortable, one can tell. No breakfast, unfortubately, but great free coffee and 'panelemonade'. Good laundry service. It's a superb place within a superb place. Wish there were more like this along the way...

Park Life Hostel

Popayan, Colombia

It's in the middle of it all, yet you can pull yourself away in the cozy terrace to watch a movie. Good service all around, pity there's no breakfast. I extended my stay, which is unusual. Gracias!

Mallki Hostel

Cuenca, Ecuador

Good vibe, both from staff and other guests. The clothes exchange is a good idea, I'm sure it'll spread in the future. Breakfast is 'free', as in I got it when I checked in early, not just the morning after. Good homemade strawberry jam! Also, thanks for the free bicicle ride, it was fun!

Kon Tiki Bungalows

Mancora, Peru

Good: Free pickup from bus stop; early checkin & late checkout; great view; tranquility. Bad: No breakfast, no wifi or electricity (not their fault as there was a power cut, but no compensation offered); manager is NEVER around, caretaker hardly speaks Spanish, let alone English. Ugly: Way too far from the beach (200 steep steps simply within the property, in a backstreet); overpriced for what it is; wanted 8$ more for a later checkout (for that you can get a full day dorm right on the beach).

Intro Hostels Cusco

Cusco, Peru

It's one of those places where everything seems to fit in. Big exception is breakfast, needs improvement urgently. What's with bread being cut like that!? Also, coffee is too watery. Mention apart to staff, they are FANTASTIC.

Kantaya Hostel

Puno, Peru

They've only been open for a couple months so facilities will improve over time (manager Hernan has the right attitude for that). Other practices, however, are a no-no (I saw them making a bed withiut changing sheets...).

Hostal Isidoros

La Paz, Bolivia

More like a local 'pension' than a proper hostel, so don't expect anything fancy, but everything worked as it should. Wifi is fine, shower is hot (IF you follow instructions and overcome the fear of mixing electricity and water), brekkie could be improved but so it could in many other places. Location is superb (literally steps from the main bus terminal) if you're commuting for activities around La Paz. Also good if you need a private room for the price of a dorm...

KulturBerlin Sucre

Sucre, Bolivia

There's laid back and there's unprofessional. The Canadian receptionist was the latter. It'd seem there's 2 managers to this hostel, one for rooms & toilets (mediocre; try to take a cold shower in Sucre at 7am...) and one for breakfast (superb). Strangely enough, it's a fine mixture of party vs quiet depending on where your room is. I took the farthermost single at the backyard, and you can indeed be waken up by 3 little birds by your doorstep, singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true...


Laundry service: soak your clothes in water and hang them to dry, so everything comes back as dirty. Breakfast: the most basic I've had in months of travelling, you're better off skipping it and asking for a discount instead. Staff: even in Spanish you only get dismal directions. Vibe: the lounge TV doesn't work, all you can watch there is who is coming out of the shower accross the patio. Rooms are so cold you don't need the freezer. Only heater on was in reception area (!). Wifi & showers ok.

Coloria Hostel

Salta, Argentina

This is a big house turn hostel where they forgot to turn the house into a hostel. For example, the huge wardrobes are useless as lockers, but they could be perfect with a little refurbishing. Ditto for the bathrooms. They need to fix blinds and faucets, too. Also, they have squeezed 6 beds where only 4 would be comfortable, even by dorm standards. Pity, 'cos the common area is very nice indeed. So, call the DIY guy and we'll all be happy.

Punto Urbano

Mendoza, Argentina

No customer comment

Casa Fischer Hostal

Valparaiso, Chile

Como mi familia en Valpo ;) Ironman.

Hostal El Arbol

La Serena, Chile

En el dormitorio compartido no cabe un alfiler cuando esta lleno. No hay espacio para moverse. El personal haria bien en ofrecer mas informacion, aunque no se le pida. Por ejemplo, el 1º de mayo estaba todo cerrado pero los que venimos de fuera no lo sabemos; hubiera preferido que me avisaran para estar preparado, comprar comida, hacer otros planes, etc.

Punto Urbano

Mendoza, Argentina

A bit rough on the edges but it shows they are improving the house day by day. Hint: colourful paint and vinyl go a long way without costing much... The staff really deserves a pat on the back, great job all around. And thanks for the washing machine!

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Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. We are improving all the time our facilities.

Hello Hostel Design

Pelotas, Brazil

Tiny place, but well organized.

Submarino Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

No customer comment

Knock Knock Hostel CURITIBA

Curitiba, Brazil

No customer comment

Iguassu Guest House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

They should decide wether they want to be a party hostel or not. If you have a couple guys over 40 reading by the pool, it doesn't make sense to play techno music and pump up the volume (!).

Garden Stone

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

No customer comment

Aju Hostel e Pousada

Aracaju, Brazil

I asked about laundry facilities and was recommended an external one (expensive), then offered to have my laundry done by a member of the cleaning staff. But there's a laundry room and even a washing machine for rent in the house!

Pitanga Hostel e Pousada

Maceio, Brazil

No customer comment

Villa Chic Hostel Pousada Ltda

Jericoacoara, Brazil

I would only add better seating (a sofa or comfy chairs) for the TV area, but apart from that I really enjoyed my stay... Thanks!

Hostel Manaus

Manaus, Brazil

Not your top of the line place, unfortunately. You do get help from staff, no complain there, but bathrooms need cleaning more often and rooms could use some fresh air. And please, give the sofa covers a good wash, they smell awfully. I understand the weather in Manaus doesn't help, but still...

Hospedaje Yaxha

Flores, Guatemala

No customer comment


Placencia, Belize

Management has to decide wether they are running a business or on vacation.

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Thank you for your review. Any comment can only help us to improve our services. February was a busy time with ocean tours we had to organise, coordinate and attend. Staff was left onsite though.

Aluna Casa y Cafe

Santa Marta, Colombia

No customer comment