Reviews: Anonymous


Great value for the money. I wasn't sure what to expect as the rooms were 1000yen/night. But it ended up being a lot better than I thought. 3-4 beds per room and a shower in each room. The beds were a bit stiff, but again, its only 1000yen.... The staff was really nice and helpful. They were all very down to earth and enjoyed talking to the guests. The location of the guesthouse was fairly close to everything you wanted in Naha city(monorail station, food, beach, shopping, etc)


This place is the bomb. This is the only guesthouse that I've been to where I literally felt like I was relaxing at home or at my friend's house. The owner of the hostel, Hiroshi, was really chill and really went out of his way to make my experience in Himeji more memorable. He even offered to take me around the city in his car and took me to the fish cake factory up in the mountains. At night, he even set up an okonomiyaki party with the other guests. I definitely recommend this place!!

Kyoya Ryokan

Nagoya, Japan

I was blown away by this place. This is a place that could easily be priced a lot higher than it is. The place has its own hot bath that is open the entire night. Next to your bed, they even provide you with the Japanese yukata and a bunch of other things you might get at a Japanese style ryokan that you have to pay at least 5x more for a room. The staff was really nice and very helpful when it came to recommending places to go/eat. The location is really close to the Nagoya castle too!


Singapore, Singapore

Fairly nice place. Gives the feel that this hostel is just an apartment with a bunch of rooms being rented out for backpackers. The owner is nice, but can sometimes come off to be cold or rude.