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Mavi Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

This place is ok for a few nights, great location but the rooftop dorm has too many beds and not enough space for backpacks.


This place made me feel at home, great staff will even remember your name, beach close by, sadly the actions of a couple of individuals let this place down with a drunken fight at 6:30 am and later someone stealing money from a persons belongs while they were in the shower. Overall I would certainly come back, this is a place I could spend a lot of time with no regrets.

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you're 100% right, it never happened before.. we found a way to Compensate the guest for the same amount of money that was stolen from him, as well as providing free lockers. thanks for the review and hope you will come to stay with us again . All the best Ron

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

Good place great location. I stayed on the rooftop amazing view but beware the morning church bells no need for an alarm clock, nice fiendly staff.

Torwada Hotel

Amman, Jordan

This place was good for the price, the only hassle was the fact that the dorm room only had one key, which was suposed to stay at reception but people kept taking it with them. Laundry cost seemed a bit high a 1/2jd a piece I found it was much cheaper do do laundry at the cliff hotel. Overall good place, friendly staff good location. Little hard to find as its off the Main Street and name had been spelt torwadah.


Good place, really helpful staff.

Hostel New King

New Delhi, India

This place is fine to spend a few nights, good location near the main bazaar. Feels a bit rundown/unclean. But I had no issues with this place, especially at such a good price.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Good spot to get to know Kathmandu, (but don't stay too long the rest of Nepal is better) lots of backpackers so a great place to meet people. Hot shower only worked sometimes on the first floor.

Lazy Gaga Hostel

Guangzhou, China

Good place to stay, no problems other than there isn't much to see in this city


They were renovating the upstairs common area so unable to use this. Other than that no issues. great staff really helpful and tried to learn everyone's names. Good place to stay. Free laundry was a big bonus!!


This place was good. No problems here

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Hi, Thank you for your review.Hope see you next time Guilin This Old Place


This place was a little bit out from the city centre, but not too far on the metro. During my time here it was used a lot by long term chinese students and travelling couples. I found it hard to find other single travelers to stuff with.


No customer comment


This place is in a good location, lots of Chinese tourists, Very friendly. Great staff very helpful. Overall I really enjoyed this hostel and city.

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

This place was alright. The 6 bed dorm was really small nowhere to put my backpack. Also the beers at the bar were expensive 15CNY when 50m down the road they were 2.5CNY. Good rooftop bar area.

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Dear friend, thank you liking our hostel and enjoying your staying here, we are appreciated and honored, and all the staff welcome you come back next time and see the different hostel and ancient city.For you to mention expensive beer, very sincerely said that the quality of the local taste Tsingtao beer is good, the price is a little higher than normal, but we guarantee with you, the price in China is very reasonable and absolute bargain. All the staff give you the west wishes.Have a nice trip.

Yamen Hostel

Pingyao, China

This place is fine lots of space in the 10 bed dorm extremely cheap, value for money. Was very quiet when I was there, 8 people in the whole hostel, so not really social. Overall good place to spend the night.

365 Inn

Beijing, China

This place was good, a little expensive but everything is in beijing, staff were good spoke enough English to help with everything. Great location (walk to forbidden city and temple of heaven) only downside was security the door was alwaly unlocked to the room. They did have small lockers.

Shenyang Sanpi Youth Hostel

Shenyang, China

This place was good, a fair distance from the city centre. The staff speak no English but are very willing to try help. The beds are very thin I used the blanket to pad it out. I was one of 4 people at this hostel so was very quiet when I was there. Everyone smokes in the common room, can become overwhelming.

Green Kiwi Backpacker Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

i thought the staff were very friendly but the common area was poorly laid out with bench seating facing the wall.I figure this was due to size constrants but it made it hard to talk/meet new people. I also meet a guy here who had bed bugs and all they did was change the sheets move him to a new room then proced to check someone else into that bed. overall not the best hostel.

Exford Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

nothing wrong with this place, but nothing stood out either


value for money, good location. lots of long term people living here