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Located outside of the main city center, but they were helpful and kind behind anything else we experienced in Italy.

Hotel SeƱorita

Barcelona, Spain

These photos are directly directly from the internet and DO NOT represent the place we stayed! For the price this place was OKAY at best, but it is basically someone's condo that is renting out rooms! I DO NOT RECOMMEND STAYING HERE, BUT I SAY THIS SOLELY BASED ON THE DECEPTION!!

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

Great character; great staff; great value. Lockers were cheap and accessible multiple times (rather than 1-time pay and use). A generally positive vibe everywhere and I would definitely come back.

Rest Up London

London, England

This place touched a very personal nerve that I just could not shake. Rather than huge sliding glass doors, vinyl graphics, silly light fixtures, etc... why not invest in things travelers ACTUALLY want? Clean bathrooms, descent shower heads that don't spray 70% of the water on the walls and my dry clothes, a better locker situation, dorms that doesn't smell like total body odor, etc. Also, a prostitute was running tricks out of my dorm. "I need money come give me money we have good time." Ew

Regina House

London, England

Loved staying here, even for a short time. VERY affordable. I was only here for a few days, but I loved staying among the long-term guests and felt very at home immediately.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

Everyone was very nice

Kinlay House Cork

Cork, Ireland

Lots of character, price wasn't bad, staff was very nice.... BUT! No hot water at all the 16 hours we were there and the room smelled absolutely disgusting. No matter what kind of character you have, these things are a deal breaker.

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We are very sorry about that - we had problems with the Hot Water Boiler at the weekend. It has been fixed now.


Read all the criticisms online before booking and they were pretty fickle. Yes, there are triple bunks-- they are quite sturdy though and very comfy. The bar downstairs was perfectly situated and getting drinks at 3am is a major plus when the local pubs shut down long ago. The place is very clean and the house staff works very hard. It is right next to a underground stop, which was great. Would definitely stay there again!