Reviews: Anonymous

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I booked an all female dorm and what is my surprise to see that a boy is sleeping on the same bed as a girl. When I ask to change rooms the staff was very unsympathetic and refused. They said they'd refund the money and put me in a different hotel, but by the time they did that it was 12:30 a.m. and no trains were running to the hotel they booked which was all the way up in Schiphol (22 kms away). This hotel has no concerns for your safety and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND for a woman traveller.

La casa dei colori

Palermo, Italy

Located close to train station, fairly secure area (a bit run down and lots of little shops run by immigrants). Francesco is fantastic! He has a very friendly personality and keeps track of when you come in and out of the hotel in case you need anything without being intrusive. The rooms are big, internet access is fantastic, it is like having your own apartment. Only drawback: no laundry service nearby and can't really use the kitchen. So it is a bit like a hotel, I guess.