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Location: Russia, Gender: Male, Age: 36

Step Inn Guest House and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Single/double rooms are plain and small but prices are incredibly low so it is a very good choice for low-budget travellers. They have a common kitchen with a fridge that will additionally save your money and time. Wifi signal is very good on the first floor (lounge), not bad on the 2nd and hardly alive or oftener dead on the 3rd. Best place to socialize! Perfect location for exploring KL! 24h shop and 24h cheap restaurants are near. Best staff ever, truely friendly and absolutely trustworthy!

Rose Guesthouse Plus

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you need a budget accomodation, plain, clean, cheap, with friendly and trustworthy staff, good for meeting people, with excellent location, choose Rose Guesthouse.

Somjai Place Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Absolutely clean and safe hotel. My room was huge and comfortable. I liked it! That's the most important because Ayutthaya and its accomodation is quite time-worn and dusty and some places have bed bugs (see bed bugs reports in google). Somjai is not a place to meet other travellers, it is just a real hotel. Staff is a bit gloomy and absentminded but still you can have business with them.

Liberta Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The receptionist knew nothing about my arrival, he asked me to pay more than it was announced on the, he didn't want to recognize I already paid 10% on, he was really rude with me and, at the end, made an ultimatum 'pay or leave'. And I left. It was my forth trip to Istanbul happily so I knew where to go and what to do.

Apartment Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Nice staff, clean and spacious room, good location, fast wi-fi. Everything is perfect!

Chambers of the Boheme

Istanbul, Turkey

Best-located, clean and safe hostel with friendly staff. I stayed at the 12-bed dorm, a bit high to climb but it is the cheapest so I can't complain. No common kitchen but you can have as much hot tea as you want with bake or sweets you can easily find in the area or just visit low-priced restaraunts in the nearest back streets.

Guest House Tamar

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tamara, the owner, kept our luggage all day after I and my friend had checked out in the morning and asked us if we wanted to have a shower when we had come back to pick up our stuff (and yeah we wanted). After shower we even had tea there before leaving. Really friendly and helpful staff, clean rooms, very cozy shared space, good and authentic location for a low price. Perfect accommodation for budget travelers.

Guesthouse Eto

Telavi, Georgia

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