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Blue Bicycle House

Queretaro, Mexico

This is a magical place, you should stay here. I wouldn't really even consider the BBH a hostel, but rather a fusion hostel/bed and breakfast. The service is amazing, Pati, Amado and Biki are amazing hosts and a the regulars that get the lunchtime comida corrida are excellent and interesting people. The terrace is fabulous. I could live here reading and looking at the amazing view. Cristian keeps the place spotless. Please stay here you will not regret it - I've yet to find anything comparable.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

This is THE best hostel I've ever stayed in. And I've stayed in a lot of hostels!

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thanks so much for the great scores and comments!

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clean, quiet great staff. Management is ultra minimalist in terms of decor in the hallways, rooms, etc, but also really put some thought into the stability and ease-of-cleaning in the design of EVERYTHING. Examples: Caf tables have 4x4 legs, a 2 inch top, and are held together by thick metal L-brackets and who knows what else. Hallway railings are 3" pipe heavily bolted to concrete walls. Everything was designed so that you could take a power washer to it, and is super clean as a result.