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Great place! Slightly more "hotel-like" than "hostel-like" (as hostels go, that is), but that was fine. Meals provided were perhaps the greatest deal in London; helped me budget well to get a meal with drink for less than GBP6! I wish there was a more active (paper) bulletin board or other system listing local events, etc; when I asked at the desk -- a few different people over my stay -- what was going on in the neighborhood, the responses I got were pretty non-comittal.

Sin City Hostel

Las Vegas, USA

Pros: - Front-desk staffers were all courteous, helpful, and friendly. - Locations not bad, though I wish the northbound bus stop was closer. - Met folks from 4 countries, and that was all in the room I stayed -- fun. Cons: - Privacy: I've stayed in semi-private rooms in other hostels, but never with more semi- and less -private. I wasn't a big fan of my room-within-a-room, and wish I'd known about that first. (I know I startled people, too, who didn't realize!) - Bed was pretty poor.