Reviews: ksatterlee

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 26

great atmosphere! close to streetcars, liquor stores. great dinner and great guests. rooms and facilities are a little messy. overall building security is poor. lots of information and recommendations on things to do.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

Great bar area for meeting people. Really picky about checkout time. Nice bathrooms and showers.

Retox Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Come for the parties, not for the comfort. Crazy awesome stuff happens every night and the staff are great. The floor are dirty and the bathrooms are a joke, but you shouldn't be worried about that anyway if you're staying at a place called Retox Party Hostel. The staff encourages you to use the shower for.... well, not just showering.

Manga hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Amazing common/kitchen area. Great character and atmosphere, and very friendly staff. BE CAREFUL OF THE RAKIJA!

Luka's Lodge

Hvar, Croatia

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PLACE. Dylan is the MAN around here. Every part of this hostel is perfect.

Beach Hostel

Split, Croatia

Great location for beach and partying. Staff was very interesting, fun, and helpful. Lots of character, and very easy to meet other travelers.

Hostel Home Zadar

Zadar, Croatia

Hardly any common space, difficult to meet others. Gave you keys but front door was always left unlocked anyway. Staff seemed disinterested and were never around. No lock for the men's bathroom when showering. Overall a very bland place. Comfy beds though!

Fulir Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Perfect location and very helpful staff. Quirky organization which I liked. The bathroom and kitchen were a bit of a letdown, but shouldn't be enough to deter anyone from staying here.

X Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

WAIT UNTIL CONSTRUCTION IS OVER. Amazing staff, fantastic location for bars/clubs. Large party pub on site, tons of beds. This is definitely a party hostel. When I was there they were undergoing renovations so it was really dirty. When that's through though it should be an amazing place.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi Ken, thanks for your rating, fun having you here. Reconstruction is over so you`re welcome to come back to party! :)

Montenegro Hostel Budva

Budva, Montenegro

Friendly and helpful staff. Dorms are separated by floors so it may be hard to meet people besides the ones in your room. Couldn't ask for a better location!

TIU Front Page Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

Adam is a great host! He might seem like a pain in the ass at first, but he just needs to warm up to you ;) There is a cat, and if you're allergic like me, there were no problems at all. Location is great, Adam has a ton of information about the city, nice kitchen, bathroom area is a little cramped, dorms are nice and spacious.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Fantastic staff, very secure, amazing showers. Good breakfast as well. An amazing hostel in an otherwise uninspiring city.


Great location and courtyard area. Staff were friendly and helpful. Great bar/breakfast area with a view. Bathroom was a little subpar and the rooms were kinda crowded.

El Misti House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

they really pack 'em in here. Three level bunk beds and rooms everywhere. It wasn't too loud or anything but there were always so many people around. Lots of activities and trips and deals available. Showers kinda suck and as there are so many people there is almost always a wait. Great location, walking distance to the beach. Staff were very helpful.

La em Casa Hostel

Ouro Preto, Brazil

No customer comment

HI Belo Horizonte Hostel

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

bad neighborhood but safe hostel. relatively small, I actually had a room to myself for three days. Staff doesn't speak a lot of English but are friendly and helpful. Not much to do at the hostel so try and find things to do elsewhere

Bienvenida Golondrina Hostel

Corrientes, Argentina

This hostel is the only one in town and it feels like it. They have very little incentive to be awesome because there is no competition. There were flies in both the showers. No air conditioning. Staff speaks some English. There is also not much to do in Corrientes, I dont know why I went.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Everybody has a moment for travelling. Obviously this wasn´t yours. All our staff speaks english perfect, portuguese and french; besides spanish. You chose a non air conditioning room cause of the price, of course (we have all air conditioning rooms, but one). And on your last comment, I´d say it has nothing to do with us but the city and during your staying here, THE CITY offered: -Carnival; one of the most popular in Argentina -Chamamé; our music, our folk. You can go everywhere and listen a good Chamamé -Boat trips; we offer trips to some islands and all down the river till the bridge; fishing and sports. -Beaches; the best time of the year for enjoying our beatifull river Paraná. -400 years of history; its arquitecture calls you to walk around and enjoy. -... We are in continuous effort and comments like yours (with evil) really damages our reputation unfairly. Hope you reconsider on other reviews.

Marcopolo Inn Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Helpful but inhappy staff. Cant beat the location though. I think most people are only here for an extremely quick visit to the waterfalls, so the hostel lacks some atmosphere.

Tucano House Backpackers B&B

Florianopolis, Brazil

The staff are what make this hostel great. When you get there you will find out for yourself. Not to mention the great building, the great food, and the great activities.

Tango Hostel

Cordoba, Argentina

The best things about Tango are the staff and the location. Staff all speak English and are happy to help. They even take everyone out at night and occasionally cook dinner. The capacity is small which makes this possible. Location right by Sarmiento Park, restaurants, and clubs/bars. No A/C in the rooms and the bathrooms weren't great. Still, I would definitely recommend Tango for the more intimate atmosphere.

Terrazas Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This was my first hostel experience and I was very pleased. I have visited many subsequent hostels and this one isstill among the best. Fantasticlocation, good staff and security. Awesome rooftop!