Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 34

Panorama Hotel

Tiberias, Israel

Good hostel and close to the sea.

Loui M Apartments

Haifa, Israel

Good for your money.

Residence Rooms

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

We stayed at residence rooms for 3 nights and it was a very nice hostel near to everything in the city. The staff were extremely helpful and nice. The only issue we had is on Friday and Saturday nights it was very loud until quite late, as we were right above the busiest clubs in the city.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

We stayed here one night and thought it was a great hostel. A little outside the city center but still walkable. There was no stove in the kitchen. Not too big of a deal unless you plan on having one.

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

We stayed here for two nights and really enjoyed this hostel. They serve a very good dinner and breakfast located very near the train station but a little outside of the city center.

RentRooms Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece

Great hostel and a great location. We stayed 2 nights here and really enjoyed it. Staff was helpful and breakfast was good.


Great hostel and a great deal. Right in the center of the city close to the train station.


Stayed here 2 nights and it was a great hostel. Location was great within 5 minutes of the train station. No wifi in the rooms but besides that a very nice hostel.


Split, Croatia

We were a group of two couples traveling through split. We thought this apartment was really nice. The location was perfect close to a really nice park and 10-15 minute walk to the old city. Price was great for what you get but the bathroom was a bit small.

Apartments Prince Hrvoje

Dubrovnik, Croatia

We were a group of two couples and it was agreat spot to stay in Dubrovnik. Very clean and spacious with a market close by to get food. About 15-20 minute walk to the old city.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

We stayed at this hostel on both sides of our trip to the islands. The two nights we stayed in the beginning we were in the basement. The room was adequate but nothing special. In the morning we were woken up,veryearly, by the pet bird in the courtyard. It was also cold as the hallway opens up to the outside. The last night that we stayed at the end of our trip we had a great room in the upstairs area. It was warm and we could not hear the bird in the morning. We would recomend staying upstairs.

Hostel Albania

Tirana, Albania

We stayed one night at the Hosel on our way to the airport. It was a fine hostel but not much in the way of atmosphere or activities going on. The staff was pretty helpful when they were there, but left at 7 pm and did not return the whole night. This would not have been a problem most of the time, but we did need help phoning a taxi for an early morning pick up.

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

We stayed at Hostel One for a week at the end of February and thought it was a great hostel. The staff was very helpful and friendly and the dinners they cooked at night were very good. One minor issue was that the bathrooms were not always stocked with toilet paper and soap. Still though we would highly recommend this hostel.

Sir Toby's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

We stayed there two nights and wished we would have stayed for more. The staff was great and we went on Richards no umbrella walking tour of the city which was really a great way to see the city. The make your own omeletes and pancakes for breakfast was excellent. We would recommend this hostel to our friends. Great hostel.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

We stayed two nights at Do Step Inn and felt that the hostel was a bit of an afterthought to their hotel. Not much going on at the hostel, no bar, no activities and no staff. The lady at reception did not tell us that breakfast had to be booked the night before so keep that in mind if you want breakfast. Although the train station down the road had better food for your money. The room was clean and quiet and fairly easy to get around just not a great hostel atmosphere.


Great Hostel, but could use more showers. There was a long line for most of the morning. Breakfast was o.k. but nothing special. Great beer specials!

AWA Innbrucke Hotel

Innsbruck, Austria

Good hostel although the night we were there, there was a really loud group next door who would not be quiet. In addition we had our own room but the beds were not pushed together. Great location though and very easy to get into town. The staff, bar and breakfast were wonderful and we would definitely go back.