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J-Sun Hostel

Fortaleza, Brazil

Best hostel in Fortaleza, Livia is GREAT!

Hostel Pousada Casa Verde

Fortaleza, Brazil

Perfect location. camila is fantastic but night guy really crabby. really clean and new, but too high priced. loved the hostel.

Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago, USA

Best hosteel by far I have ever stayed at.

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Gary: Thanks for your great review. We're glad you enjoyed your stay with us. See you next time! Mat Meadows, CHA General Manager

HI Belo Horizonte Hostel

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Great great place, too bad it is much more prudent to take a bus home at night, but it is very easy to do-4032 on adolpho pineiro.

Republika Hostel

Natal, Brazil

NO FREE WATER, very poor to no orientation on arrival-the staff appeared as if they had backpackers or not, it didn't matter-very strange place in a beautiful house and location. I'd never go back.

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Hi gary, Sorry for the inconvenience, but lets just get things clear, we do have free and cold water, you just have to check the guests fridge not the staff kitchen. We are very surprised when you said: "strange place", we did everything to make you feel at home, anyway... we hope you come back some other time! Thanks!

HI Manaira

Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Very best hostel I have enjoyed in 6 months of travel across Brazil-ALMOST PERFECT!!! PARABENS A TODOS!!! Gary

O Sorriso do Lagarto

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I am staying here because there are very few options in Belo, a city which I have come to love. There is nothing exceptional about this place, unfortunately-everything is just average or below. The hostel is in a very safe, beautiful neighborhood, but far from the main part of the city for walkers like me. NO ONE SPEAKS ENGISH, which i find absurd. I speak Portuguese fluently, but half the people here don't speak a word and I have translated several times already. It could be much better.

Ace Backpackers Youth Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Security, breakfast, workers, and location were all phenomenal!!! Unfortunately, they packed WAY TOO MANY people into a small space. Great business for you but not so for the customers.

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I do understand your point of view but crowded dorms were due to carnival season. Thanks for your comment!

Beats Hostel Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Location is perfect and the male staff was superb-fantastic!!! My favorite hostel so far out of five, mostly because of its location and security.

Beats Hostel Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Absolutely perfect location; why I would return. The rest was above average-TOO LOUD AFTER MIDNIGHT-they do not folow their own policies.

Barao Copacabana Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was asked to leave after arriving after one hour because I defended two British women who were being accosted by the owner, (She was taking photos of the bathrooms with wires hanging down with dripping water.) This is hard to believe, but was told to leave because i happened to be there when he discovered it. The owner is crazy and the receptionists were without morals,. NO ONE SHOULD EVER STAY AT THIS HOSTEL. BEWARE.( sending me out on the streets of rio with no place to stay.

Rio Nature Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I spoke to the manager upon leaving about my concerns, which were two ; The working staff was very unfriendly to me and some others and very friendly with others, very discriminatory. The owner and "manager Dul├že" were great and am hoping changes will take place. I went from not recommending to recommending after talking with her. The other problem was the area where the computers are-very hot with mosquitoes; we know how dangerous that is. I suggested one good fan there solves both problems.