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HI-Calgary City Centre

Calgary, Canada

NICE hostel and its right near downtown. Staff are great and make sure you make the most out of of Calgary.

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Thank you for your review ! We pride ourselves on our great staff and I will be sure to pass on your kind words to them. We hope that you are able to come visit us again soon. Thanks, Cassandra Moore- Assistant Manager


Very conveniently placed and secure hostel. Staff were very friendly and helpful, also had a nice chill vibe about the place.

C&N Central Station Hostel

Vancouver, Canada

This is the best value for money hostel in vancouver. All hostels are just stupidly expensive but this one gives you your monies worth, excellent location and very secure. This hostel made me feel part of a family as we all got along swimmingly in the short time I was there and the staff were definitely a major part of that.

Discovery Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Pretty huge hostel. Great facilities and events available everyday at the hostel and there was alot of value for money here.Location is walking distance to the main hub. I just wish I was staying there longer and this had a very long term hostel vibe and sadly as I was only there for the weekend it wasnt a great social experience but that is no fault to the hostel.

Central Square Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

This hostel was a very standard hostel, nothing really stands out about it. The location is greatand it was very cheap but so were the rest of the hostels in Ukraine. My only real problem was the staff, we asked the staff how to get into a passworded restaurant and they gave us a code but it didnt work so we came back to the hostel to ask for help, instead of help they openly laughed at us and continued drinking offering no further advice. Beautiful city, deserves a better hostel.

The Babushka Grand Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

This Hostel truly is a grand hostel. Just see the interior!! Excellent facilities, atmosphere and location. But the staff were the standout as they went above and beyond to help us. My friend and I got into alot of trouble while in Odessa (lost passport, cash, dignity, trouble with club bouncers and a one off greeting on street by a man with a knife) and for that I'm sure they will remember us. They helped us get a new emergency passport and well just got us out of all the things we were in.

Mini Hostel Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine

My review is a little late but THIS is the best hostel I have ever stayed in. Akim is a stand up guy, me and my friend Tristan stayed here in March when it was freezing but Akim made this place feel warm (possibly the amount of vodka he got us to drink). He helped us out with local infor and our travels round Ukraine. If you stay in Kyiv stay here!! you will not regret it.

Hotel Ariston

Venice, Italy

Nicely furnished hostel with very happy and helpful staff. Is quite cozy(and by cozy and by cozy i mean small inside the rooms, also a little bit out of the way but overall was a pleasant stay

Levanten Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

this hostel was a fairly quiet hostel, but while in turkey i didn't really expect much liveliness. Very conveniently located albeit a little hard to find and the staff are very friendly and helpful if not a little misguiding with their advice.

Kretan Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

We probably only stayed in this hostel for 12 hours but the staff were very nice considering we woke them up in the middle of the night to get checked in. there was mineral water available and facilities were excellent, although there is one shower and it gets blocked easily. location was very central to the train station also

Instant Groove! Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This hostel was great, upstairs in the common room was a great place to chill then if you wanted to party you just headed down the stairs to the clubs. would recommend this to anyone who would want to have alot of fun and the staff were really good with everything.

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

This place was a great hostel, the facilities were excellent they had free computers and a very cheap bar. Staff were very nice, the entrance way was the most predictable alley for what i would expect from a place in slovakia, but hostel was thankfully much nicer.

SG 1 Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The location was pretty decent, however there was no atmosphere and the other guests were fairly boring. The staff were hit and miss, reception staff were great and very helpful, the cleaning ladies we just did not get along with, but we did turn a room into a tip.


I was in a very large group at the time, so ill try be unbiased. The common room area was really cool if not for lack of seating, and the facilities were all pretty good, and staff were friendly. However the 30 room dorm had a really trippy red neon and was so dark i missed packing half my stuff because i couldnt see,

The Apsley Ski Lodge

Ski Jewel Alpbachtal-Wildschonau, Austria

This would have been a great hostel if we didn't have such high expectations. The hot tub was not active, the wifi was intermittent at best and the swimming pool didn't exist, the location was nowhere near innsbruck, my fault for not looking further but 70km away is not in Innsbruck. However the staff were awesome and atmosphere was damn good too.


Hostel was nice enough and the owners were pleasant, but location seemed to be in the ghetto of ancona.

Milan Hostel Emmy

Milan, Italy

Was a little quiet and had no activities or suggestions to do while was there, shower was a little dodgy and there did seem to be some confusion over the arrangement with breakfast

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

it did not have its opening in time so we had to go to a different hostel, so im going to give it nice reviews anyway as i've stayed at st christophers before


When we arrived we had to wait over an hour to be checked in, i gave the staff the benefit of the doubt until a fellow backpacker pointed out that one of the staff members was facebooking. Also i left my guitar in a staff only area and it got stolen and afterwards i was told that maybe i should of just held onto it, and when i asked to see the security tapes they said i would have to wait a week. So overall security and staff were very poor, however location was good and had good facilities.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

Main reason to go to this hostel is for the great staff and the absolutley resounding party atmosphere. The staff always made sure i enjoyed myself and made sure we had everything we needed. Jess especially stoodout as she made my time for me and my friends highly enjoyable and convenient. 2 weeks is an expensive stint there as no kitchen and the need to have fun is just instilled into this place. 2 of my hoodies went missing but cant blame staff for it. Overall awesome though 10/10