Reviews: Anonymous

Cowgate Tourist Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

After reading reviews I wasn't surprised that there was loud music across the st, horrible bathrooms, and mold on bathroom ceiling. Don't care but it looked like the floor would cave in soon. Each floor has 3 locked doorways. Thru each door is 3/4 rooms/dorms, a kitchen & 1 1/2 bath. Shower room sink was clogged. 1/2 bath toilet was clogged. Hostel is not very communal as everything is spread out. More like a college dorm. Patio wasn't open though they really advertise it. I was with gf so watev

The Horse and Stables

London, England

Place is above a pub soo... Decent facilities. Clean enough. Lots of stairs. Keycodes to get in. Strange layout. I definitely have never stayed in a place like it.


This not the best hostel in the world but it is the best in denver.

Marcopolo Inn Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Rooms look amazing, but overall atmosphere is fairly poor. The little pool was cool tho. Staff is alright and pretty helpful. AC in rooms is a plus. While there, two British girls got robbed of everything, and I mean everything. Apparently three guys were in their room when they checked in so they assumed they were checked in as well. The next day they found all their belongings stolen and the hostel staff had no information on the 3 guys, no passport copy or check in info at all. Locksmith came

Ideal Social Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I thought the people that stayed at Ideal Social on a consistent basis were good and honest, so less worry for things getting stolen. The staff is exceptional and helpful, and there seems to always be someone cleaning. Located in the center of the city, it is within walking distance of anything one might need and there are a variety of subte and bus stops right around the corner