Reviews: ricardorighetto

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

The bathrooms were not always clean. They also have no supports on the wall onto which to put your bathing stuff on, it's annoying. Beds don't have curtains to block light and are not very comfortable. The wifi signal did not reach my room (in the basement), so I had always to go to the kitchen/living room (too noisy) or the TV room upstairs.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

No customer comment


Number of rooms too large and shared facilities aren't enough for everybody (kitchen, living room, etc). 6-floor building with no elevator and terrible stairs (steps undersized). One of the bunks at room 403 had stairs missing. Internet access is expensive and the browser is outdated. But let's be fair: the neighborhood is nice, with many pubs (cafes) and restaurants and mini-markets open until late.