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Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Magic Bus Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

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Well, the location is not as good as the Mingtown one but the facilities are way better. Anyways, great place to stay.

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Thanks, we will do better!!


Loved the hostel and the bar but the facilities could be better. Better light in the room and a working wifi in the third floor would be nice:).

Catba Hostel

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Good place to stay, not directly at the sea but not far away. Great, helpful Staff.

Me Mates Villa

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Bodega Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand


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I think you left out the "!" after outrageous man. haha! Thanks for staying with us Stefan, it was crazy days with you, Paolo, Chris and the boys around. Happy trails buddy!

Ploy Dorm Room

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

What to say, the bed is comfy so enough to fall asleep after partying but nothing more...

The Pod - Boutique Capsule Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

That's a great hostel/hotel if you want some more luxury than a usual hostel. Facilities and everything is great but it is really not a party hostel. It's more for hanging out by himself or if you're lucky as I was you find a younger person for partying. Else there are a lot of business guys

The Philadelphia House

Philadelphia, USA

I just slept one night in the hostel but I really like that place. It's not such a big hostel, instead it's really familiar and you connect with the friendly stuff very fast. Needless to say, bathroom, kitchen and so on have been comfy, too.

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

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Astor Museum Inn

London, England

Was okay, private rooms have been a bit small. Toilet and shower was on the floor and clean. Location is great, very central.