Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Age: 29

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Probably the best staff that I have seen in my trips. Clean and the food was very good. nice shots and nice atmosphere.

Locomotive Light Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Very good staff, he recommended us everything that we needed, hostel is always clean.

Fireside Lodge

Whistler, Canada

Good hostel, very calm , perfect if you want you relax after entire day in the mountains. Not so much longer from the Whistler Creekside, 15 by walking or 5 by walking until bus stop to Whistler Village. Have a bus until 2 am if you want to go to village at night. The atmosphere is good, but very calm. The kitchen is very good and complete, you can buy your food in supermarket at village and put in the pantry or fridge with tags.Boot dryer and storage for your equipment. Good place for the price


Nice hostel!The rooms aren´t so much clean, actually, it depends of who you´ll will share the room. In the first room were 3 people including me and I din´t have so much luck. The roommates were noisy and unorganized. Location is good, if want to go for fun it´s the best place, few blocks to skytrain to go to any place in Vancouver. The atmosphere was very good, if you go to hostel activity you will have a good opportunity to meet people in the hostel. The breakfast is good considering the price

Levanten Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

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