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HI Boston

Boston, USA

The hostel for US looked good. Unfortunately can't bring beer or other adult babe rages. It would be cool if hostel had bar on site, a good potential money making for their business and socializing for guests. Also, offering more tour options would be good. Overall, the experience was good.

The Local NYC

New York, USA

The location wasn't too bad as the place is only 2 blocks from subway and then you're one stop from Manhattan or Brooklyn. This is NYC, so accommodation is expansive anywhere. I booked this place bc of good reviews. The place was actually cool. Bed was very comfy and clean rooms. Stuff and hang out areas were great. When I comeback to NYC and if this place continues to have good reviews I'll stay there again. Make sure order good breakfast pies and cappuccino for breakfast:)

Drifter Jack's Hostel

Austin, USA

No customer comment

St. Vincent's Guesthouse

New Orleans, USA

the rooms were discussing, we slept in our cloths . Floors were dirty, bathrooms were discussting and room was cold. overpriced for the value.

Firehouse Hostel

Austin, USA

Beds are not comfortable especially the spring beds.


No customer comment


Location is prefect to clubs and bars. The only thing that was not cool is that you had to be up before noon for them to clean the place up. So you felt rushed a bit. Smoking seems to be there common. So it smells smoky. Other than that place is prefect

Guesthouse Tennoji

Osaka, Japan

No customer comment

Ace Inn Shinjuku

Tokyo, Japan

If location was a bit closer to where there is a night life that will be great. It is closer to a subway when need to find it at first which helps.


The hostel staff instead of working was drinking with the guests. The value for the money wasn't worth as it seemed overcharched for holiday. Location was far off the French qtrs. Unless other hostels are not available or oVerbooked that's the only reason I would stay