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Location: South Africa, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Pedlar's Inn Hostel

Galle, Sri Lanka

Friendly staff, great breakfast worth the extra bucks and ideally located in the Fort. The value for money makes this a must do. Aircon was not working and the WiFi had reached it's cap but everything was still very enjoyable. Somehow those mosquitoes find a way to you, so make sure you bring some repellent.

No 26D

Kandy, Sri Lanka

I would highly recommend staying at this place. It was such a pleasure and the family made me feel so welcome. The welcome tea, the incredible breakfast for an extra LKR440, the room, etc. I love the little patio at the top where you can enjoy an amazing sunset with the birds chirping away. I have never been more welcomed at a guesthouse like I was here. I always judge a place by the fact whether I would stay here again and I would stay numerous times over.


What a gem. Perfectly located in Harare. Not far from the main city centre and close to shops and good restaurants. The atmosphere was incredible and I loved the swimming pool. Wifi is a small fee but the fact that it is timed is weird. Rather offer people MBs. There is free wifi at the coffee shops close by if you really insist on not paying for internet. Otherwise, the kitchen had a few things which were necessary but was missing many utensils.

Burkes' Paradise

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

It is based in the suburbs but this is a place I would definitely consider if I'm in Bulawayo again. The owners were incredible people and they really made me feel at home. It is quaint and I loved the serenity around. There were a few others around at the time which made it even more enjoyable. The small fee for the wifi is really reasonable. The kiosk shelf where food is available for a small fee was also much needed.

Fawlty Towers

Livingstone, Zambia

The reason I chose this hostel as opposed to others was because this was the one hostel which did not have a negative review about the staff. I found the management and the front desk person during the day were reluctant to do their jobs. I was passed from post to pillar when all I needed was a map of the town. I've been to many hostels and this is by far the worst staff and management service I've received. Make sure from the start that guests know where the amenities are located

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Thank you for the feedback. I am the manager at Fawlty Towers & don't believe we met. I would have immediately have provided you with a map had you popped into my office located in the admin block off the activites office. I am sorry you were not helped properly by my staff; there are maps on the bar. We will soon be separating our bar from our administrative side and that should resolve a lot of confusion for guests as to who to ask for things. Thanks for the feedback. Elissa

Ashanti Lodge Green Point

Cape Town, South Africa

There were bed bugs in the bed, got bitten badly. But other than that, a great place.

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OMW Stephano!!! This is the first that we have heard about this and I am horrified. I will email you directly for details as we have a policy in place to deal with this situations - both preventative and also to clear the problem. As I am sure you are aware these critters are sometimes brought into the property from other establishments as we pride ourselves on keeping everything very clean and neat. I will investigate immediately. Regards Lisa

DREAM House hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

You can't stay anywhere better, they were so professional booking my Chernobyl Tour and the staff were super friendly. Loved the restaurant downstairs, lots of activities to do. Only issue were the mosquitoes but once you close the window and put on the a/c, all was good

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Thank you for your words)) We are glad that you've appreciated our care and everything that we are doing. We believe you to stay longer next time;)

Mini Hostel Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine

Great hostel but just found the atmosphere weird - the staff were super friendly but then again, they appeared lathargic. But a quiet with the most amazing setting within the building. If you want to feel part of the social crowd, this might not be the most ideal. But if you want to relax, need the quiet - this is the perfect place. The staff could have been more knowledgeable about the buses and trains to major cities in and out fo Lviv (or at least a website that has the info)

Home Made House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

How do you sum this place up into 500 characters... Lina was amazing. Free breakfast each morning and a different one each time. If you want to meet people and have the social time of your life, this is the place. The place is very communal. While it had only one shower but even when the hostel was full, the hot water never ran out and there was enough time to each take a shower. Lina's speech of where to go in town is a must. Get away from the usual hostel vibe and try communal Vilnius

Tatamka Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Hostel was perfect for a short + long stay. There is something in the water at this place as people were just ready to chat, chill-lax, have a drink at the local bars - everyone was easy going. Loved the kitchen set-up and free washing machine use. As for the breakfast, continental for 5PLN but still good. Depending which room you get, it can be noisy because they have a construction site across the road

Planet Paprika Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Besides not being able to get wifi in the dorms, I keep returning to this place because the owner and staff will always make you feel welcome. Perfectly located - very close to airport shuttles. And on top of it, great choice of places to eat from. This is my second time that I've stayed at the hostel

Montenegro Hostel Budva

Budva, Montenegro

having stayed in a number of hostels across the globe for the past 7 years, this stands up to being in one of the top 10 I've been to. Positioned in the old city, not too far from the bus station - staff were friendly and very accomodating. Sasha was always ready to assist anyone in the hostel who needed assistance what ever their situation, well done

Belcity Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Anna was amazing, she really made me feel at home and when I arrived, I really felt welcomed... was informed about the city and told of all the things I need to know about getting around. NOTE: if you're not big into smoking, then this might not be the best place to stay at but being a non-smoker myself, I still loved it. I stay 3 nights and it was quaint, quiet and relaxing. Close to some great places to eat out and not that far from the main attractions. Very close to Slavija Square

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Amazing time while staying at the Yellow, only issue is that staff were very friendly in the beginning but when there was a bit of a room allocation issue, then it was as if they were doing me a favour to keep me in the same room for my extra nights of stay, But atmosphere was chilled and relaxed, met great people. Place felt really clean. Most of the facilities are there, wifi, etc

Youthhostel Schaan-Vaduz

Schaan, Liechtenstein

I have an issue that you can only check in between 5pm and 9pm... what kind of place is this? The rooms are pleasant but my locker was smelly. They locked the bathrooms upstairs and had to use the bathrooms downstairs... very inconvenient (is it ever peak season at this place). The walls are paper thin that you can hear the noise form the room next door. For the price I paid, I'm disgusted, I've stayed in better and more more affordable hostels around the world and in Europe.

Planet Paprika Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Really enjoyed the staff and how they accommodated me, very friendly, warm and welcoming. Only issue was the shower head wouldn't stay in a good position to left it on the clip on the wall. Other than that, very relaxed atmosphere.

Little Big House

Thessaloniki, Greece

On a positive, the staff were the best ever. On a negative, 2euros for that type of breakfast... I've had better for free

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

Amazing place to stay in Athens... Great breakfast, close to metro lines, in quaint area where you can experience the most authentic Greek food around. near theatre district if you understand Greek or just love the arts regardless of language. Went during a quieter spell, so might have a more vibrant atmosphere in summer but now it was relaxed and comfortable. Loved the view of the acropolis from the roof top Amazing rooms and the sharing facilities rates best I've ever seen in the world


On arrival, didn't realise I had to check in next door but small issue... Big issue was that I booked an all male room and ended up in a mixed room. In addition, I had to pay tax above the price listed on the booking. Worst part was that I had a room mate who invited someone into the room and that person ended up vomiting all over the bathroom. But besides that, loved the penthouse and people I met there... Great place to stay