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Long Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Bus from Cambodia lets off 500m from Longs. A wonderful family run place with a staff that can't do enough for you. I stayed for 6 nights in total, and the room was cleaned every day with fresh sheets, towels, and toiletries. The room had both air con and fan, cable TV, a fridge, a desk, and a large wall mirror. As a solo female traveler, I felt very safe. A market at the end of the street is a great place for cheap eats, with a big bowl of Pho for $1 USD. I absolutely recommend this place!

Rory's Pub And Guesthouse

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Great staff, friendly and helpful in the extreme. Chad and his wife make guests feel at home. The location could not be better, right across the street from the palace and around the corner from the river promenade. With all that said, the place could do with a whole lot of elbow grease. Cleanliness was sub-par, and the furnishings were worn.

Siem Reap Rooms

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Fantastic! This place was eat-off-the-floor clean. Location was on a quiet side street across the river from the main Pub Street part of town, about a 7-10 min walk. Breakfast not included, but menu is great and very reasonably priced. My room had about 80 TV channels, many in English, so I got to catch up on my favorite shows. The plunge pool is wonderful after a hot day at the Ankor temples. Good Deutsch restaurant 30m down street, excellent value (NOT the beer garden with prostitutes!)

Elbrus Home

Kathmandu, Nepal

I originally went to Elbrus Home planning to stay for 4 days, and I stayed 2 weeks. Went back and stayed a second time after my Annapurna trek. Khem is a great host, and the breakfast was wonderful. The location on the edge of Thamel is outstanding, and there are several large balconies and a nice garden to relax in. My only complaint was the bathrooms.....a bit grimy, and the toilet seat was not affixed to the toilet in any of the 3 rooms I stayed in, so it swerved all over the place.

Vivek Hotel

New Delhi, India

The hotel was filthy, and there was no hot water, which made showering in January quite unpleasant. There were mouse droppings on the bed, and the linens were filthy. DO NOT STAY HERE. For $12 USD more a night, you can get a decent place just down the street.

A Sunflower Stop

Cape Town, South Africa

This place is in a great location, and had a nice pool and braai. The staff went out of their way for me. I would recommend this place for certain.


This place is more like a resort than a hostel. I was blown away by the amenities like the tennis court, pool, braai house, and gardens. The staff were great and booked my Bazbus tickets and gave me some tips on where to go. Parking is ample, and having a car is a good idea for this hostel. There is a bus that can take you to the train station, but the hours of operation are quite limited.

Princess Salme Inn

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The place was pretty good, except for one major issue. I had room #24, and I was eaten alive by bedbugs. It has been 4 day since I left there, and he red sores are still healing.

Mombasa Backpackers

Mombasa, Kenya

The place had a nice vibe with a great pool in a nice garden. The food was good as well. One thing downer was cleanliness. Bathrooms were broken and grimy, and there were holes in the screens so big that a rat climbed into the bedroom window. Not a plus for the malaria-carrying mosquitoes either.

Meridian Hotel

Nairobi, Kenya

Fantastic space for the price. Its great to have a suite with 2 baths, even just for me. Great restaurants and a bar on the block. I was so happy I stayed in that location.

Kimon Athens Hotel

Athens, Greece

Very clean, great staff, perfect location, right between the Placa and Syntagma Square. Lots of cheap restaurants around as well, and it is a very safe neighborhood.

Artemis Hotel

Selcuk, Turkey

This was a nice, new place with hip young owners. The common area was decent, and there were books that could be borrowed. Breakfast was tasty. My room could have used some new carpets, but it did have air conditioning. I was quite pleased with my stay.

Agora Hostel and Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Immaculate! So clean, one could eat off the floors. Great breakfast on roof terrace with a stunning view of the Bosporus Strait. Very large metal lockers for each bed, will fit any size backpack or suitcase. Excellent wifi throughout the building; I had 5 bars at all times. Only minor drawback is that only bathroom facilities are in the basement, which is a long walk if you have to go at night and you are on an upper floor. Will most assuredly recommend this hostel!

DREAM House hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

An outstanding, brand new facility with a great staff and plenty of bathrooms. Location is decent, and the rooms are spacious. Only drawback is that there is only one burner in the kitchen, so each day at mealtime there was a line of people waiting over an hour to cook their food. Can be easily overcome with larger kitchen facilities (which there is plenty of room for if they get rid of the useless kitchen lounge area) and more electric burners.

Moscow Style Hostel

Moscow, Russia

This place has a great location, and that's about it. The 1 shower was absolutely filthy, and so was the 1 toilet room, and it didn't have a sink to wash your hands. The hostel reeked of smokers and mold..........even the linens smelled moldy. People were smoking everywhere in the hostel, and my clothes and hair smelled like old cigarettes. I would never recommend that anyone stay n this place.

Soul Kitchen Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

What a helpful staff! I can't say enough about the level of assistance that they offered, even going so far as to book tickets for me on Russian-only websites. The location of the hostel can't be beat. Downside is that there are only two toilets, sinks, and showers for 30 people, and those could use a good scrubbing with an anti-mold substance.

The Monk's Bunk

Tallinn, Estonia

Great staff!! Bathrooms were new and adequate for the number of guests, and they were reasonably clean. The rooms could have been cleaner (window ledges and floors were not cleaned the entire time I was there), but overall the place was respectable. I loved the kitchen and the common areas, both were spacious and well suited to their purpose.

Come to Vilnius Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

The owners knock themselves out for their guests, and speak English very well. Ladies room is a drawback, it looks very clean but smells of mold the minute you walk in the room. My 4-bed dorm had only 1 outlet for the room. Excellent location, 10 min walk from train/bus station and 5 min to Old Town sights.

3city Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

Brand new, fantastically clean, and a great location. Could use more showers though. Kitchen had 3 microwaves and a dishwasher, it was also shiny new and well done. A

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

I stayed for 3 nights 6-9 Aug 2012 and was sorry I had to leave. The lockers were enormous, and everything was clean and in good working order. Breakfast was generous, and the staff cooked some food every evening for the guests. Pizza, spaghetti, etc. Some goodies were available every night of my stay. The kitchen facilities were good, and the wifi worked great everywhere in the hostel. I would recommend this place for sure, and I am too old to be a traditional backpacker.

Sophie's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Miss Sophie's is a very high-end hostel. I stayed in a 5-bed female dorm, and there was a beautiful new bathroom of polished concrete with a giant, oversize sunflower showerhead. There was also a sleek and modern handheld unit if one preferred that. One negative comment is that I was told that I could attend breakfast from 9-10, and I arrived at 9:30. The cook said that I had arrived to late and she had to prepare the 10am meal, so I was SOL on getting the hot breakfast I had paid for.


Smart Stay was a short, 10 min walk from the train station, so that was good. The shower drain in my room kept backing up, The front desk told us to use a hall shower on the 4th floor. I paid for an ensuite room, not to take a shower 3 floors away. Otherwise, the place was OK, with a really nice lobby and bar room area, which could get really loud at night. I would stay here again, but only if the shower worked.

Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

No customer comment


Bath, England

No customer comment

YHA Cambridge

Cambridge, England

The door room was over 35 hot, there was no sleep to be had, and not a fan in sight. Good location, very near train and bus stations, with a bar and restaurant on site. Would stay here again, but I'll probably wait until winter.

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

The hostel was terrific! I am a 40+ woman traveling with my 20-yr old niece, and we both liked this hostel. We had a 6-bed mixed dorm with an ensuite bath, and the place was immaculate. Lockers were large enough to accomodate most luggage. The communal kitchen was a bit grimy, but that was the only bot of dirt I saw in the entire place. A nice bar on the second floor as well.