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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 25

This is a no-frills Capsule hotel, not a traditional hostel. Everything is an extra charge, you have public changing rooms with lockers, no private areas (and gender separated, which is a pro or con, depending on who you are). The Spa (onsen) was nice enough, but there was a chunk of feces on the floor in the bathroom there, for hours, one night. The beds themselves are clean, and the wifi (lobby only) is usually good. Location is fantastic. Traditional hostels, though, are cheaper and better...

Khaosan Kyoto Theater

Kyoto, Japan

I rarely give 100% ratings, but these guys deserve it. Professional, kind, courteous, helpful, cheerful... the staff are awesome. Packed, even in the winter, remember to book in advance! It's very clean, even the 14-person dorms feel like private rooms because of the 'capsule' design.. Right in the middle of everything, the center of Kyoto is both very Japanese and very International.. so you'll find whatever you're looking for! I fell in love with Kyoto on Day 1 and the hostel was part of that!


Really fun hostel. Right on a metro line, though it's not the most central line out there... short walk to one tho! It was fully booked, even in winter, with a lot of travelers from all over, all of whom were a ton of fun. Beer in a vending machine in the main common area! Had zero issues with wifi.. We got in a little trouble for partying loudly until 4am and dancing on the tables but... that was kind of our fault! Really fun place, nice staff, and good connects to other cities' hostels.


Istanbul, Turkey

Excellent and helpful staff. Furkan was great. Incredible location! In a city like this, especially if you like to party, 24 hour reception and free breakfast is key and Rapunzel has it. The rooms are very well sized and make for a comfortable stay. And the view from the roof is amazing! Don't wait til the last night to go up there like we did. Best hostel I've ever stayed in Istanbul, I think (out of 6).

The Diplomat Inn

Niagara Falls, Canada

Clean room, clean beds, clean bathrooms. It's a no frills (and no breakfast) hotel with an excellent location. We walked to the falls in minutes and had a great time. The staff was friendly and helpful, and upgraded our room without request or extra cost. So don't expect the four seasons, but enjoy it for a clean bed in a lovely little tourist town.

Why not? Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine

The staff is incredibly friendly, welcoming, fun, and helpful. The location is great. I was only there for two nights but I still feel like if I went back in a year, they would still remember me, still remember my visit. It's that kind of place. I had a great time!

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Gotta list to fit this in within the limit: Two friends rooms infested with bedbugs, someone defecated in a shower, someone urinated in a room, my shower was clogged for 2 days, the kitchen is fly-infested, the staff is slow to help and unhelpful when they try, no lockers in my room, half the room/bathroom lightbulbs were out, wifi was terrible and only in lobby, provided computers were slow, everything besides a bed is an added cost, and I was over-charged for our beds, too. Only stayed 2 days.


This place is a machine of a hostel. Huge building, tons of beds, very impersonal. But it's a very well-oiled machine, and tries to be as accommodating as possible. So if you're looking for a small, inclusive and friendly atmosphere, this isn't the place for you. But if you just want a clean bed, efficient service, 24 hour reception, and don't mind small fees for most extras, then this place will work.

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Hey Thank you for your rating and comment. We are sorry that you did not enjoyed your stay and hope that we can convince you the next time. Your M- Team :)

The Babushka Grand Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

The hostel is owned and operated by an American/Ukrainian couple, and they are so kind and helpful, it's a little ridiculous. Every night they're doing something new, and they invite all their guests to come with. It's a friendly, inclusive atmosphere that's going to be fun at all times. I highly recommend the Babushka experience. Not to mention the hostel itself is in a good location and is a fantastic ornate apartment with huge rooms, full kitchen, balconies, etc.


Why Not? was perhaps the most enjoyable hostel I've ever been at. The staff was friendly, kind, helpful, fun, and everything else you could ask for in a hostel staff. They provide a free breakfast every morning and cooked us dinner on more than one occasion. The beds are comfortable, new, and clean. Tbilisi is a small city, and the location puts you right in the middle, just a block from the main street. All in all, an amazing experience, and Why Not? was a big part of that.

Crowded House

Eceabat, Turkey

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Postoyalets Hostel

Minsk, Belarus

There will always be a special place in my heart for Minsk. Postoyalets is one of the only hostels (if not, the only true hostel) in Minsk, and for that, good luck finding a place to stay that's cheaper. The staff at Postoyalets doesn't speak English, which shouldnt be out of the ordinary, as almost no one in Belarus speaks English. It's kind of an adventure. They're honest people, and didn't attempt to cheat us at all and, with the help of google translate, were very helpful in getting around.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

For Berlin, perhaps the most important factor of location is being near the U-Bahn (metro) stop. St. Christopher's is literally 5m from the U-Bahn. It's glorious. Downstairs at Belushi's is a sports bar with wifi, drinks and bar food galore. It's very easy to find yourself staying in the hostel all night, because theres a party every night.

PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

Berlin, Germany

The hostel is far from the U-Bahn (metro), in an area without many (or any, really) restaurants, and the atmosphere is pretty cold. The common area is on the top floor, which does not induce a hostel-like friendly gathering feeling. We had booked for a week but left after a night for St. Christopher's only a few blocks away, and are very happy we switched to a more convenient and fun place.