Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Awesome place. Really close to the zoo, West Lake and the Chinese Tea Museum (through the tunnel)! It's tidy and I reckon it'd be a good base for a while if you're staying/working in West Lake.


Frienz is a nice hostel. I enjoyed having the kitchen to myself on several occassions and they play a lot of movies in the lounge at night - one night they seemed to be marathoning star wars which was cool. They also have computers with free internet which, even though theyre a bit slow and dated, definitely adds to the value.

Corona Backpackers

Cairns, Australia

Corona is the best. It's super cheap, friendly, laid back and offers all the hostel goodies you could ask for: 20% discount on tours, four bed dorms, and free dinner vouchers every night. It's also pretty quiet since it's smaller so you can go over to Gilli's or Woolshed then back to Corona for a peaceful night of sleep.