Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 25

Brazilodge All Suites Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This place was very clean and comfortable, though it felt more like a hotel than a hostel. I stayed for a few nights and there didn't seem to be any young backpackers there, just some families, couples and older people who seem to be there on business. If you're a traveller who's wanting to stay somewhere social, I really wouldn't recommend this place. The staff were quite helpful though and breakfast is nice.

Atawkama Hostel

Cusco, Peru

I didn't like this hostel and wouldn't stay here again. Too old fashioned and uncomfortable and I hated their showers/bathrooms. You also have to walk outside to get to the bathrooms so its quite annoying when its cold outside. My room was also pretty cold and it opened straight onto the courtyard, which also made it very noisy. Location is decent, about 15 minutes walk from the main part of town.


Great hostel, mainly due to the atmosphere which is ideal for socialising and partying. One of the most social hostels I've ever stayed. The food they serve there is really nice too! My 4 person dorm was a little small but comfortable enough. Could fit my whole backpack in the dorm lockers and it even had a power point inside.

Metropolis Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Very good hostel. Loved the breakfast on the rooftop terrace each morning and it was a great area for socializing in the evenings too. Met lots of awesome people at this hostel. Johnny who works there is also very friendly!


I originally booked to stay for 4 nights, but I left after the 2nd night, mainly because the beds were really uncomfortable, but I do believe I got one of the older rooms, so if you get a more modern room the mattress may be better. I felt quite unsafe walking alone at night around that area. Didn't seem to be a good hostel for meeting people as the common areas weren't desirable to spend time in. I can say though that the main guy who works in the evenings was very nice and helpful.


Stayed for 5 nights in a 6 female dorm ensuite. Nice spacious rooms, comfy bed, the curtains on the beds is such a great idea. Large but somewhat annoying under bed cage lockers. Very clean. No air con or fans so it was quite hot to sleep through. They need a high shelf or cabinet in the showers because everything tends to get wet. No WiFi in the rooms which sucks. This place has more of a hotel vibe with lots of groups of school kids which got annoying

Urbany Hostel BCN GO!

Barcelona, Spain

Awesome hostel. I stayed in a 4 bed mixed ensuite, which was fairly small but still great. comfy bed, clean, very good shower, always had hot water. The under bed lockers are big enough for your whole backpack so they're really convenient. Pretty good rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi but is only open till 6pm which was a shame. Located in a great area of barcelona. Overall one of the best hostels I've stayed in.


Definitely the cleanest and newest hostel i've stayed in. Very cosy and comfortable, excellent location right near a train station and lots of shops. The staff are lovely. Only one bathroom though at the time and my room was incredibly cramped, too many beds in the space. Not a very social hostel because there's not much of a hang out room, but i still enjoyed my stay.


Not the cleanest hostel i've stayed in, and generally is an old and creaky house, but the fact that it's a very quirky hostel with loads of character makes up for it. Out the back there's a great area for socializing so its a good hostel for meeting people. had heaps of fun here.


Overall great hostel. Had a few planned events on each night to get people socializing which was good. Awesome lounge and outdoor area. Love the $5 dinners they do most nights and the free breakfast each morning. Good location with a bus stop just down the street.

Adventurer Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

I chose this hostel specifically because it was close to the airport which was what I needed, but when I saw the place I wish i could have stayed longer! looks like a fun environment to be in. Was very impressed with my super clean ensuit room. I did however arrive at midnight and had to leave at 7am so I didn't get to fully experience the place or the area or take advantage of all the freebies offered unfortunately. also love that I didn't have to make or strip my bed upon check-out.