Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Berlioz

Lyon, France

The beds were very comfy. It was right off a tram stop!

The Matterhorn Hostel Zermatt

Zermatt, Switzerland

It is soooo expensive for offering no linens and the condition of the showers. It is a little dirty, but not as bad as we expected. Prices are so crazy though that it is what it is. I wanna say you get what you pay for, but it is overpriced. Supply as demand though I guess.

Hotel Valley

Milan, Italy

This hostel was perfect since it was next to the train station and the Loreto stop was also close by.


We really loved this hostel. It was spacious and clean. A great deal for Venice! It offered a great kitchen and we liked the quiet location. The only thing is that Internet does not work with mobile phones. But I have to say, a break from technology in beautiful venice isn't all that bad.

Hostel Sampaoli

Florence, Italy

It is a great location, but florence is compact for the most part. The downside was the cafe below kept us up a lot!

Laterano Guest House

Rome, Italy

The sign on the outside door is very hard to read(it's number 3). Also, the reception is not 24 hours! Had we not known exactly our arrival time (and sometimes it's hard to say) who knows what would have happened. For the money, breakfast is lacking and the Internet is slow!! Also, people are always using the bathroom and they don't keep it clean. I would give it a 75%- not sure how its ratings are so high. Keep looking and if not, this place is OK! Watch the first step too! Hahahah

Overseas B&B

Rome, Italy

We thought the area was ok since it is near the train station. That can be a good and bad thing since the type of people that hang around are a bit sketchy. We had a private room with the bathroom ensure and wifi, so ours was very nice. We didn't see a common room and weren't able to have breakfast since we were leaving early in the morning.

Aristoteles Hotel

Athens, Greece

The breakfast was great and the location was fine. We felt safe! The only awkward thing was there was a flood of water. Three men entered the room and tried to fix it for over a half hour. They said sorry, but it was intrusive.

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

The bathroom on our floor needs some new door fixtures and a deep, deep clean. We didn't like how 'out there' the showers were. Also- a lot of advertised things are not available. The staff was busy with their own politics, which is whatever. We had tear gas enter from the street below, so be conscious since it's down from Taksim. We felt safe a week ago-- not sure now. It's super close to the metro and you can get to it from the airport for cheap!

Smyle Inn

New Delhi, India

Although at first glance this hostel is intimidating (we arrived at night), it is very safe and the staff was friendly. The hostel is in the main bazaar, so it's definitely an experience. Thank you to Deepak Singh and the rest of the staff for a great introduction to India.


Filty dirty disgusting. Rat traps in our room. Bathrooms always had a problem. I know it's pub and party, but somedays you need to sleep. Up until 1 or 2 every night when ip at 6 traveling is tough. We started to get physically ill!


This was by far the worst hostel we stayed at during our trip abroad. We had a private room and came back to find it left open TWICE on different days even after reporting the first incident. All of our stuff was up for grabs both days unbeknownst to us. We told three staff members and even contacted a "higher-up" and nothing was done. I mean, come on. We had a London hostel book and they cold have at least discounted it. Also, someone vomited in the hallway andit remained for a long time.

Hotel Yasha

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

It's a little bit expensive, but I think Luxembourg is expensive in general. Our shower was broken and the door did not close. It was a little annoying.

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

I was a little wary of the area the hostel was in. I would go straight from the metro to the door. However, the worst part of this hostel are the showers! There is nothing worse than a horrible and cold and short shower after a long day of tours. It needs to have a better temperature regulation. Only shower I've ever skipped! I waited till I got to my next hostel.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The staff at the desk went above and beyond and helped us print some pages to fix something with our passports. It's pricey, but you're paying for the location and the atmosphere. Very nice hostel. Excited for our next stays at St. Christopher's.


Berlin, Germany

This was hands down the best hostel we've been to and we've been to quite a few. Thanks for the introduction to the city.

Moon Hostel Plus

Krakow, Poland

They went above and beyond for us. Very thankful we chose this hostel.

Happy Hostel

Vienna, Austria

The staff here were amazing. They noticed construction going on outside of our window and moved us without us having to say anything. The deal for laundry is great. The location is great and we always walked everywhere, but stations are nearby. Lovely place.

Chambre d'Hote Bourbon

Bordeaux, France

We had a hard Ike getting othe Internet. Other than tha- very cute and clean.

Pension Balerdi

San Sebastian, Spain

Wonderful,location. Loved it.

Pension Don Claudio

Bilbao, Spain

The downtown can be reached easily by train. The room was nice. Tv didn't work for us.

Santander Rent

Santander, Spain

Might as well just say neigh it is so slow!

Roots and Boots Hostel

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

This hostel was so loud at night! Maybe it was just the group that was there, but the noise went throughout he building.

The Yellow House

Porto, Portugal

So loud at night.

Mar dos A├žores

Lisbon, Portugal

The girl that first greeted us was so super friendly and helpful and nice. We loved this hostel.