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Mithat Hotel

Ankara, Turkey

The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The hotel was very clean and quiet and great value for the money. I plan to stay at this hotel again when I come back to Ankara for business or just a visit. Very nice place!


Yes the owners are very nice but this place is only OK. Everybody thinks this place is great and I wonder why? It's OK but sometimes there is no hot water and I couldn't believe it when the owner asked me if I could sleep in the reception area. Of course he wanted me to pay for it. This guy would try to rent the bathroom if he could get money for it. The best part is the location and the internet is good.

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dear gregory thansk to stay with us almost for 4 were paying less than other becaue for long staying! we coulnd belive your review for 4 mounts we ate tougether it was free for you right! breakfast ,lucnh dinner,alchol drings!we kept you as our father! you hade a gread rewiev before, thansk for.if the people chek down they will see it! you came to ask that :you didnt have money to pay for 450tl i asked please pay half you said you will pay and you wanted stay that night at the airport i said sleep in my bed for free because we are turkhis we welcome all the didnt come to pay half of money and i hade to charged to your credıt card half of payment.i think you saw that you left this commend! you are hypocritical american guy!still i am waiting rest of money! you diditn pay my money never forget you ...


The hostel was is in a great location and some of the staff were friendly and helpful and some were not very helpful. This place is very clean but the techno pop music was extremely annoying. It was too loud most of the time. this place charges for everything!! Not bad but not great either


I thought this hostel was in a perfect location that was close to the city center but in a very quiet area. This place was extremely clean and had excellent accommodations. You will really appreciate the air conditioning in the summer because Istanbul can be very hot then.

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Thank you very much for your kind review we are realy so happy that you enjoyed your time with us. we will lowe to see you again .. Talat...