Reviews: NativeFraulein

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 32

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

This was my second stay at this particular hostel and once again only for a night as I had to catch a flight from Heathrow the next morning.Quite sterile/bland and if it looks like a hospital that is because it once was! That being said its very close proximity to Hammersmith tube station which is directly on the Picadilly line that will take you to Heathrow. No need to change or buy expensive Paddington tickets. Desk man @ night: rude, didn't read email. Morning staff man nice, remembered me :)


I got the flu during my stay and the staff were fantastic about allowing me extra pilllows and blankets. I also thank my roomates for being so considerate :) This is a solid choice, especially if you will be travelling by train/tram everyday as it is so close to the Hauptbahnhof. The neighbourhood is safe and populated by families and 'regular people' during the day but indeed Kaisertra├če is in the sex district and if you are a German speaking female like me ignore the creepy dudes keep walking.

Envoy Hostel

Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia is a beautiful country and I highly reccomend anyone visit. This hostel is centrally located and overall a good choice for visitors to Yerevan. I came to Armenia as a solo traveller on a quick 5 day holiday before returning to Russia for work. I am sure the tours are great but I signed up for one all five days an went on *none.* Unless you are in a group of 5+ have a back up plan because they cancel their own tours if they don't have at least 5 people to fill spots. Advertise this.

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We are glad you have enjoyed your time in Armenia as well as your stay at Envoy. Regarding our tours, the policy we have is that any tour booked at least a week in advance, we honour (even if our min quota is not reached). We do not simply cancel the tours. Both our website and our fliers state that 'bookings essential'. However for tours booked on the spot, if we can not meet the min quota we do arrange alternative solutions, as our primary focus is to make sure everyone enjoys their time in Armenia. As we recall, we did have a tour on your first day however it was already at full capacity. Had we received a reservation with more notice we would have ensured there was a seat for you too. And for the rest of your stay we did make alternative arrangements with another tour company so that you could still visit different locations and see the sights in Armenia. Our focus is customer service and we are committed to finding solutions for all our guests, as we do want them to walk away with an appreciation of how beautiful Armenia is :) Kind Regards' Envoy Management

Parthenon Hostel

Chicago, USA

I stayed here for the night as I was in the city only for the System of a Down concert. The most important/best facet of this hostel is its location---this hostel is in a SAFE neighborhood oand within five minutes walk (straight) from the blue CTA line which via connection can take you anywhere in the city and the Greyhound bus station. The staff I met were very nice and the breakfast simple but quite good. Showers and bathrooms clean, beds very comfortable. Great value for location alone.

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

The bedding and cleanliness of this hostel was really nice. I thank the owner for reserving a bottom bunk for me during the tight Olympics period. The location of this hostel to the Hammersmith tube line is fantastic. This hostel feels a bit like a hospital with all the similar rooms, doors and corridors but it remains a great choice in a place like London. Thanks for answering all my emails.

Amour de Riad

Marrakech, Morocco

This hostel has a lot of character and the family who run it are very sweet and generous (the breakfast is nice too.) Stairs to the second floor very steep and no railing, so if you have mobility issues request first floor only. Getting to this hostel does require a walk through the square which any traveller to Morocco should prepare themselves for :) Very nice shower too, WC too small.

Hotel Amoud

Casablanca, Morocco

Considering Casablanca can feel a bit grungy this place is a bit of Jannah! Nice French style lobby and dinning room area. The room included air conditioner/TV. I stayed twice and each time the shower had hot water but the water pressure could be a bit better. Staff very kind and funny and the breakfast was lovely too. This place was more expensive than a random hotel/hostel would be but the quality tops.

Ona Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

This staff and location of this hostel are fantastic! The rooms are bright and clean and the air conditioner works which is important during the average Spanish summer. I would ask staff to double check their bedding/rooms because I did suffer three bed bug bites during my stay, I did not travel with a sleeping bag or continue to have bites after I left. Only one washing machine for many people who want to use it and they take forever.


Positives: very close to the metro, verynice breakfast included, I like the hair dryer included in our ensuite bathroom. Beatrix and the female staff member with curly brown hair are very nice! Negatives: I emailed hostel twice in advance about my need for a bottom bunk. Staff member R outright refused to help!! I arrived to find no bottom bunk available in any part of the hostel and was forced to claim a roomate's bed as my own and try to explain why to her. UNACCEPTABLE!

OPERA Hostel

Erfurt, Germany

Very nice place all around---kind staff and cool doberman! I was pleased with the kitchen and clean bedroom facilities. Thank you so much placing a name tag on my bed so I could be sure of a non-top bunk. This hostel would be difficult to move around for anyone with serious mobility issues because the stairs are marble and hence a slippery...and there are a lot of them! Nice accessable showers too. Will return.

Hostel Mondpalast

Dresden, Germany

This hostel is decent the staff were neither rude but didn't make me feel overly welcome either...I have high expectations for politness given I am half German :) If you cannot walk long distances or are sensitive to cobble streets take tram #11 to the hostel and not 7/8 because you will walk all along Louisenstrasse to get there. I pointed this out to a staff member and was dismissed. Stairs quite steep, required help with suitcase. Bedding and rooms very nice.

Schlafmeile Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This is definately a nice place to stay considering it seems everyone seems to come to Berlin just to party. The owners are very genuine and friendly and I thank them for holding onto a letter for me too until I arrived in Germany. Thank you very much for taking my problematic leg seriously. If placed on the first floor/rooms facing the street differently abled travellers should not have issues. Two notes: please clean the rooms more often (floors dirty,) some showers only cold water.

Godzillas Hostel

Moscow, Russia

I live in Russia where I work as a teacher and have stayed at this hostel twice when visiting Moscow. They have been receptive to my need for a lower bunk bed each time (though vacancy might have been by luck.) Steep stairs at entrance but with a railing, nice showers . Great value for Moscow, nice staff...thanks Murat for helping me get Rammstein tickets! I'll likely be back! Russia can be difficult for differently abled people but this hostel was up to the challenge.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

The staff at this hostel were quite kind and though I don't believe they pre-arranged the bottom requested bunk they handled the situation with ease once I arrived. I did not take the tram while visiting Prague but I believe it is quite close, the Metro station which I used is also a short walk up the hill and a great way to get to the old town/sites. This place felt more like a hotel than a hostel great shower facilities but you will have to keep pressing button to continue shower.