Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 52

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The Inernet on their 3 machines that worked were painfully slow. Wireless was almost non existent. I asker for a connection to their Private Chili network I was told that Internet was "very Expensive " A young woman who's bags including ID who had booked to stay there was told she could not stay there with a cold indifference. It wasn't until she came back and begged that the man serving her agreed to find a solution. It is no way to treat paying guests let alone a volnerable young woman.

Hostel Dakura

Prague, Czech Republic

Staying there reminded me of staying in a soviet style accommodation block. Basic with no frills. There was free off street parking and storage fort my bicycle,


London, England

Nice hotel. The staff were friendly and help full. I was`t happy. I paid good money but the internet.nor the breakfast was not included in the price.

Central Hostel

London, England

The hostel was, like many being renovated. For the most part friendly and helpful, except when I attempted to return my key. They. Kept my deposit because I could not find my receipt for the key. I would have thought that the key would be enough. Apparently they had a sign stating their policy or key recipes and naturally everyone takes the time to read. This ruined what was a reasonably pleasant stay,


A very fun place to stay. Staff were friendly and helpful. The Bar was excellent. only down side that the beds were a bit uncomfortable.