Reviews: Anonymous

Youth Hostel Plakias

Crete, Greece

This hostel was absolutely amazing. I was only able to stay for 2 nights, but felt right at home from the second I arrived. There is a large common area where everybody got together, we went for meals together, went to the beach together, and hiked together. Will definitely be returning if I am ever able to get near Crete!

Manos Studios Hotel

Heraklion, Greece

The downfalls for this place are more a function of Heraklion than the hotel itself. There does not seem to be anywhere in Heraklion for young travelers, so this hotel seemed like the best alternative. Once you get out to the hotel (30-45 minute bus ride from airport), it is pretty great. A short walk to the beach and many restaurants. It was also nice to have a private room with kitchen and a pool at the hotel.