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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 55

Benedict Hostel

Krakow, Poland

I rented a 3 bunk room for my own use because of the price. Upon arrival, there were some problems that made my stay less pleasant. There was a washer but no dryer for clothes. Since I didn't have time to hang dry my clothing, I ended up spending a morning at an offsite laundry. My visit was in early March and it was rather cool and rainy. The window in my room couldn't be closed. Fortunately, they provided a space heater which helped. There were two shower stalls and two toilets for men

Capitol City Hostel

Washington DC, USA

The location seems a bit sketchy buti didn't have any problems. The staff was very helpful and eager. Considering how much hotels cost, this place is a good deal and convenient to bus lines. I may notrecommend it to my mom or sister but i'd stay there again.


It was one of the most expensive hostels I've ever visited. Granted, it was cheaper than a hotel room. Boston is expensive.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

Somewhat better than average. It's close to the bus & train stations and the downtown area.


The staff was great. The rest was very comfortable. It's diectly across the street from the underground less than 6 stops from most of the things I wanted to see in London on my first trip there.

YHA Bristol

Bristol, England

Nothing remarkable. It was a little better than your average hostel.


Cardiff, Wales

I didn't stay here but can't remove this from my itinerary.

A&O Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg, Germany

I'm really rather tired of places that look for every way to charge visitors for everything beyond a bed. This hostel was very typical as far as features. The biggest selling point was its proximity to the train station which was really all I wanted.

Bekpek Kiel

Kiel, Germany

It's pretty typical for a hostel. I was rarely there so I don't have much to say about it.

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

Pretty typical for a hostel. It's really big and easy to find.

Paddy's Palace Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Their wifi was down all 3 days. Otherwise, it was ok... nothing special.

L.A. Venice Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

I didn't end up staying here...


The bed wasn't comfortable but otherwise, it was adequate.

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HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

The best hostel I've used to date. The rooms were comfortable and very clean. The staff & volunteers were great! The only issue I have was the lack of a printer (minor) and the poor wifi signal unless you're sitting at the front desk. I'd definitely stay there again.

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

Nothing notable.

Mamma Mia

Rome, Italy

The person who was working was not a positive experience. He felt a bit creepy.

Hostel 7 Santi

Florence, Italy

They were painting and renovating when I was there. One of the windows came off it's hinges so I had to change rooms. The hostel was ok but a ways from the scenic part of the city and the bus strike complicated things. I'd rate this as an average hostel.