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Ravnice Youth Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

It's a cool hostel. I liked the staff, the atmosphere, my room was really good. They have a lot of kitchens, what make it easier to cook But, tjhe problem it's that the hostel it's really far away from the city center!

Ante Class-Rooms

Zagreb, Croatia

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Rooms Keti

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I really loved this hostel. I got a private room, with private bathroom, and I and my girlfriend loved the room and the staff. The room was big, with great bed, good shower, and really clean. The kitchen from the hostel was big enough for everybody, and was clean as well. And the staff is really helpfull and easygoing! Thank you guys!

Grand hostel LerO

Split, Croatia

With my girlfriend, we got a private room. And the room was really good. But, what I liked most, was the atmosphere from the apartments, it was a mixed of new and old and really clean and organized. The only problem, was that in the apartments didn't have wi-fi, we had to walk like 3 minuts till the "main house" to have internet acess. And the hostel doesn't have a reception 24 hours. Actually, I didn't understand the reciption schedule, sometimes the guy was there sometimes not.

  • 9th Jul 2013
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  • Portugal
  • Mixed Group, 18-24
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Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

I really liked the hostel. The room was really clean and big. The staff works pretty well and they are helpull people. I just think it's a quite expensive, especially If you consider that we're talking about Morocco. Anyway, it is great hostel and I recommend!

Kif-Kif Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

If you wanna live the real atmosphere of the Morocco culture, it's the perfect place! Has a beautiful common room, great staff and AWESOME atmosphere. I really liked this hostel! The breakfast is delicous and sometimes the staff does special dinners for everyone, just need to put your name on the list and pay something like 2 euros!

Marco Polo II Hotel

Ibiza, Spain

It is a great hotel with a good price. I just didn't the fact that you need to pay the internet acess and it's a quite expensive.

Hostal Charo II

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

It is a good hostel. I liked, but it is a little bit old and the common room could be better, with newer fornitures. One of the receptionists didn't give us good touristics informations, but after, changed the recioptinist, and this one gave us excellents advices. In averege, it's a good hostel and I recommend it.


Nice staff, has breakfast included, what it is always something great =p It is great hostel, and with a good price.


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Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Extremamente organizado e limpo, os funcionários são muito educados e solícitos. Com certeza foi o melhor hostel que eu fiquei, gostei muito e já recomendei para os meus amigos que pretendem mochilar agora no meio do ano.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

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