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London, England

The hostel is good but could improve a lot better. The staff need to ask can i help you rather than ask what do you want. Its not very nice coming into a hostel. When sitting in the TV room. We where told to get OUT. That they had to clean. Then it was really loud at night. The secuirty guard did not want to know about it when i told them about the noise. The rooms where very small. No air con in the rooms. With the rooms being very small. Need to get the doors looked at.

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Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. My apologies if you felt that a staff member didn't communicate properly with you. We are all working very hard to offer the best customer service. It would be great if you could contact the hostel with more details on this. Regarding the noise, we have a security team managed by our night manager. They are patrolling the hostel during the night to keep the noises down. Please, next time, come to reception and speak to the night manager. He will make sure you get a good sleep. Enjoy the rest of your travels, The Clink team

HI Boston

Boston, USA

Wood go here again. Lovely place right in the middle of the town. Everything easy to walk to. Everything clean and good breakfest. Cleaners wood wait outside the bathroom door till you finish. Which was not good. It was like they where timing you.

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

This hostel is one off the best i have stayed in on my travels. All off the staff are very friendly and will take the time to help you in any way that they can. Thank you to mark ( the manager ) and all off his team for making the best hostel.

HI Baltimore

Baltimore, USA

The hostel was not good because when i caught there. They guy never said hello. Just drop your bags there. I asked him for a map he just gave it to me and walked away. I did not know where on the map we where. Then later we went down stairs the door shout behind use and he yelled out don,t slam the door. It was not our fault. One door in the whole place can bring the hostel to shake. It,s silly. There was no way off knowing where anything was in the hostel because no staff member wood show use.


The hostel was lovely. The house just to enjoy with everything. Very big. Very near airport but far away from everything else. The thing was that when you put food in the fridge it went missing over night. I told the manager the next morning. He said he took it. Nothing i could do about it. If they had a good manager to run the place it wood be better. They try and bring you places. But they will charge you for it.

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This traveler stayed at World United for 2 days. The refrigerator was filled with many items, and he placed his item in the free items section of the refrigerator and it was taken, it was immediately replaced that day and returned to him. As far as transportation is concerned World United does not try to bring any one places, we provide transportation for a minimal cost.

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

Hostel Cat is the place to be in Vegas. Short walk from the strip. Love the way the have something on every night. Very easy to meet people that way. Love the staff. Very friendly and with good advice about everything.

Duo Housing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USA

Very good hostel to stay in wood love to go back there and stay longer. Really felt like it was a home away from home there.


When i first caught there. The lift was very slow. They did not tell use that there was one shower for the whole floor. The morning staff where not great. A girl called billy and the night time guy that ran the games down stairs where very friendly and wood do anything for you.

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Most of the rooms all have showers, an often misconception for those who book the cheapest rooms with shared bathrooms which you share with 4 other rooms Not the whole Floor. As the 3rd largest hostel in America it would be impossible to legally have only 12 common shared bathrooms for 450 people. In any case cheers!

Base Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

When i first went in i was told where the rooms where but could not find them. They did not say to go downstairs. Bathrooms where very untidy. There was sick on the floor of the bathroom for a full day. The showers you have to keep pressing the knob in just get water. They say globe bar is the best bar. but you can not get into it.

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Hi Shane, Thanks for your feedback. Globe Bar is a great place to go out in and open to both our guests and the public from 6pm every night - you should be able to head down there and enjoy the experience. We do have signs directling people to all our rooms but I apologise that you found it a bit of a challenge. Thanks, Sheridan @ Base Auckland

The Old Countryhouse

Christchurch, New Zealand

Lovely hostel near the CBD. It was lovely staying there. Met other backpacker,s very easy. T.V. room was small but nice just to sit there and chill. Very clean. Would go back there again.