Reviews: Anonymous

Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

The rooms were way too hot at night and the pillow is made for a 3 year old. Besides that, I liked that it had a common room. Kind of pricey for no breakfast / non peak weekend / etc.

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

Great staff and atmosphere, a fun & safe place for backpackers. Not particularly clean especially compared to other hostels/hotels we stayed in (especially the bathrooms).

Hong Han Hotel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

No customer comment

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

honestly, my favorite hostel i have ever stayed in. great location, amazing staff. the atmosphere and building makes it seem like you are actually living in prague (not just in a generic hotel). it is very relaxed, free breakfast, computers, wifi. great people to meet and hang out with. i can't speak highly enough of this hostel. this is a must.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

overall, not bad. the room at night was INSANELY hot and no one could really sleep (and they don't have staff present past midnight to help). Also, they close the only common area at midnight so there is no where for anyone to be loud except inside the room.