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Mister Bed Saran

Orleans, France

Can't give a higher rating for 'atmosphere', 'location' or 'facilities' simply because this is a motel more than a hotel - therefore it is located next to a motorway (convenient for drivers, not noisy, but not what I would consider a great location), it doesn't have any real atmosphere as it is just for tired drivers on long journeys and it doesn't have any facilities (however, next door there is a restaurant which does a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner). Recommended for drivers.


Very expensive for one of the lowest quality hostels I have seen in awhile. Seen far nicer places for quarter the cost, I assume a high price due to being in London but would expect it to be nicer. Staff appear nice until there is an issue, then get very hostile and rude. Free breakfast is terribly basic. Quite far from centre of london, good 20 mins on underground plus a 10 minute walk from station to hostel. Good security for whole property, however overall I would look elsewhere.

Saphaipae Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Really nice clean and spacious hostel. Friendly staff and the facilities are better than a lot of hotels - powerful hot showers, large TV rooms, indoor & outdoor seating, smoking balconies, large lockers. Good food & drinks. Location is a little out of the way, but only 5 minute walk to the MRT (Bangkoks underground), so easy to get most places with relative ease.

Hunny Hostel Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

Friendly staff who were very accommodating even when I arrived very late due to my flight. Clean hostel, with basic facilities. No real entertainment (no bar and only a small tv). The hostel is tiny, so great for a clean bed and a good night sleep, but not an ideal place to meet other backpackers with ease.


This hostel prioritises the bar much higher than the accomodation. This is fine if you want to party every night, but I found the constant stream of drunk westerners slightly draining by my 3rd night. On the other hand this hostel has a great relaxed 5th floor for those more sober, free travel advice (although slightly biased towards in house tours), good food and clean rooms. Finally, contrary to many other reviews; the Halong Bay Boat tour is less tropical paradise, more dirty beaches.

Garden Inn

Lijiang, China

Small guesthouse, decent sized rooms. Property could be generally cleaner, facilities are nothing to get excited about; small communal area, useless pool table, slightly smell toilets which often lacked toilet paper. Location is good however; just on the edge of the old city, so easy to get into town but quiet at night. Doors lock early, so don't expect to be able to get back in if you go out for late night drinks!


Absoultely stunning hostel. Friendly staff, 5 minutes walk from the old city, clean, big comfy beds, free computers, free pool, great advice, great food. I would advise you stay at Jade Emu however, as it has a nicer communal area and Jade Roo is used more by those staying longer (1 month +), so has less of a backpacker vibe. But both are within 30 seconds walk of each other, so it doesn't really matter.

The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

Not the best hostel I have stayed in; very noisy location, and no air conditioning in the dorms, meaning windows must be kept open to avoid cooking to death in the heat. Staff seemed grumpy and only recommended activites they offered as paid tours - discouraging independent plans, which is unprofessional. The roof terrace is not so 'fantastic', it gets taken over by locals at around 10pm and I was actually asked to give up my seat to a 'paying customer', highly rude.

How Flowers Hostel

Guilin, China

Very average hostel. Nothing jumped out as amazingly special, but nothing was bad either. Large communal area with tv, pool and computers. Rooms are clean and location is good next to the train station. Staff are friendly and helpful. The general property could be a bit cleaner and luggage storage is not watched, so not very secure.

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hello, thansk for choosing us and give us the kindly feed back. we build our hostel together with all of you, Anyway, we will try our best to make here more comfortable for everyone .welcome back and have a nice day. helen

Showbiz Inn at West Street

Yangshuo, China

It's important to realise Showbiz, Hostel 11 and Monkey Janes are all located on the same road, within spitting distance from each other, so by way of location - each is as good as the other. However, Showbiz trumps the other two hostels by far in terms of cleanliness and room size. There is an excelent rooftop bar which boasts the best views in Yangshuo; it may not be as wild as Monkey Janes rooftop, but I would recommend staying at Showbiz and partying at Monkey Janes; if that's your thing.

Old Canton Youth Hostel

Guangzhou, China

Disappointing property, plenty of potential with a large lounge area, however very smelly, dirty and damp throughout the entire place. Sofas smelt mouldy, floors were covered in hair and dirt. I was given my pillow straight from another previously used bed. The showers involve standing over a 'squat pot', very nasty. I moved to the Riverside YHA, much cleaner and nicer!


One of my favorite hostels. Staff willing to spend all the time you require helping you out, very friendly and personal. Very clean, very spacious. Booked a dorm online, arrived and for some reason the dorm was not available, so was given a private room instead - no problem whatsoever. Great atmosphere, good lively bar, nice quiet lounge, pingpong table, computers, everything you could need. I stayed at City Central Hostel also - Le Tour is much better!


Room door was left wide open by cleaners on multiple occasions. Free breakfast is terrible. Lacking any personality or character. Very hard to meet people due to the size of the place. The worst hostel staff I have encountered; very blunt, unpersonal and won't even bother looking up at you when waiting at the desk unless you say 'excuse me'. Not helped by the severe lack of organisation; was asked if I would sleep in the massage chair in the lobby because they were short of beds (seriously!)


Expect charming staff, with clean, yet somewhat small (tiny!) rooms. Location is right on the waterfront, however don't expect crystal blue water... This is China remember! A 15 minute walk up a series of stairs to get to the town centre. Good facilities; free pool table, free computers, nice cinema room and lots of seating in the bar area.

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Hi, Wow,wow,wow,thanks so much for your comment and you missed our hotpot so that you can mention the amazing food here;-)Have a nice trip in HK or anywhere in your trip. Best Wishes Annie Yangtze River Hostel


The hostel is very dirty, there were spills on the tables that were not cleaned up for the duration of our stay (3 days). Toilets very smelly, and showers dirty. The main problem came at checkout - 1 of our party left a day early, however did not claim back their deposit as they were told we get the deposit back when we all leave. When we came to leave they told us the deposit was given to him. This took an hour of arguing to solve and involved watching cctv to prove our point. unprofessional!

  • 23rd Mar 2012
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We all feel very much frustrated for this heart-broken 36% rating...It is the lowest we've ever received during our 6 years serving our backpacker fellows...It's a shock for all the crew members whom you spent time with while you were staying in our hostel...All of us just hardly realize you completely negate everything even we had fun together in dumpling party and those pleasant chitchats... We are so sorry for the mistake our staff made in his internship, to check CCTV recording was the only way he could do to find out the truth, we didn't know that hurts you that much... We'll learn from the lesson and improve our management. Regards,

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

Not much else to add to the reviews. Amazing hostel, great staff who answer your questions before you've even asked them, cleanest hostel I've seen, facilities only beaten by a (good) hotel. Great atmosphere with activites happening every night of the week. And such a low price. My only points of issue; the food was not great (very over cooked chicken) and the shower took 30 minutes to fully drain.


A Traditional courtyard building in the heart of pingyao, making access to any of the attractions very easy. Staff speak minimal (if any) english, except the manager Bob, who is a very kind and friendly man. I found the room clean, with everything I required. Some of the facilities need some work; poor showers and no lock on the toilet door. The bar was also never busy, so socially not great. However a low price and Bob was very accomodating with changes to my plans and giving advice.

Happy Dragon Courtyard

Beijing, China

Nice hostel, clean, good facilities, located 3 minutes walk from a supermarket and 4 minutes from a tube station, allowing you to get anywhere in the city until midnight. The bar area does get a bit crowded and the music volume is high throughout the day, would be nice to have a more quiet area. Staff were very helpful and accomodating except for giving us totally wrong directions, which caused us an hour of extra walking.