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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 32

If you're after clean this is not the place for you. Go somewhere else and pay more money. The mattresses, pillows and bedding all need to be replaced. If the cleaned the underbedding more frequently (or at all) that would be a bonus. Also a wipe down of the walls would be nice too. That being said the locals are nice and the manager is helpful and good for a chat. The location to Disney Is great but Universal is terrible but there are shuttles. I think I'll stay elsewhere next time.

IHSP French Quarter House

New Orleans, USA

Good location and friendly staff and guests. The rooms could use more/better lamps and power points. I think they suffered from 'let's put too many beds in the room' syndrome and there was no space for luggage or lockers inside the room. Also they really need 24hr reception as one person forgot their code and was locked out of their room until either someone in their room returned or 7am when the reception showed up.

Washington DC House

Washington DC, USA

This hostel has one of the best vibes I've experienced as everyone hangs out together in the common room and is really friendly. That was a great experience. What wasn't great was the rooms. I was in a 5 bed which was WAY too small. They did not need to shove that extra single bed in there. Also the room on level 1 is so noisy. If you get assigned to it ask to be moved, unless you have wax ear plug to block the noise. Also, no lamps or extra power outlets in the rooms were annoying.

NY Moore Hostel

New York, USA

The staff were really helpful and lovely however I don't think I'd stay here again as the Bed was really uncomfortable. The heating was good, perhaps a little too warm as it was -8 and I left the windows open but i overheard that other rooms were too cold to sleep in so there could be some problems there. Massive rooms though you could fit 10 people in their 3 bed room.

HI - Boston Hostel

Boston, USA

Great place to stay and would stay again however the bathrooms need to be cleaned perhaps 3 times a day and the hot water runs out in the morning so stick to evening showers

M Montreal

Montreal, Canada

This is a great hostel. It's new, clean, great facilities and has activities. Definitely would stay again!

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

Toronto, Canada

I stayed for 2 nights and had a good time. Loved the free pancakes in the morning. Rooms were spacious.

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Thanks for your review

The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

No lockers in room but they are available downstairs which is a little annoying. There was a problem with the air con in the room but after mentioning it to the staff the next day they fixed quickly which was good.

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It may seem a little annoying not to have lockers in the dorm room.....but the pluses soooooo out way the minuses not having them their! We have them in the hallway away from some one trying to get a good night sleep! It was the biggest complaint we received when we opened 10 years ago and we fixed the problem immediately. Hope to see you soon!


Toronto, Canada

Staff, variety of facilities (eg bar, breakfast, lounge) and location were good. The room however wasn't good. Uncomfortable saggy bed, air con that did nothing, windows that wouldn't open enough to let air in and an outdated bathroom that was small far outweigh the good. What's worse is that they charge $45 a night for this. Probably the worst value for money I've had at a hostel to date.

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Hello there, and thank you for your feedback. We have passed on your comments to our maintenance team to check the room you have stayed and work on improvements. We too are big fans of natural air coming into our rooms, however, as a 9 floor building, there is maximum gap we can allow our windows to open in vision of the safety of all our guests (many of which are children).


Needs air con as it gets very stuffy in summer especially on top floor.

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hi there. thanks for your feedback. well, yoho's must be a hot place to be then. safe travells, yoho team :)

Hostel Brikette

Positano, Italy

Starting with the negative aspects: - booked a 4 bed dorm and placed in a 6 bed - air con didn't work - not provided with maps - they don't have a phone so contacting them without this knowledge prior is really hard - not allowed to store food in their fridge - bathroom always wet due to shower leaking - no lockers in rooms Good points - the staff were really friendly - location close to bus stop - good atmosphere at night with guests

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Thanks for your thoughful feedback. Some of what you say we will address by improving the information we provide during checkin. For example: maps are available online and via email, and for 20 cents as a printout. We do not have a phone, but turn around any email received in 24hrs. It is true that we do not have a fridge for guest use. Sorry if the shower was leaking - we will look into it. All the best for your future travels.

Ulisse Deluxe

Sorrento, Italy

This is the nicest looking hostel I've ever stayed in. The rooms and showers were really good with my only suggestion is to lower the lock area for the cupboards as we had to stand on a chair to padlock our cupboards. The location could be better but it's less than a 10 min walk from the main square so still pretty good.

Victoria House Hostel

Nice, France

The guy that runs this place (Val) is just great. I was really ill when I stayed here and he was very helpful and checked in on me when it was obvious that I was much better. The hostel is a little run down but it had a good feel about it and I really enjoyed the hostel cat Victor. I wod dedinity stay again.

Pil Pil Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

I didn't get to stay long at this place as I was ill and checked into a hotel instead but I'm not sure if I'd go back. There wasn't really much space to hang out and only one lounge also the showers looked small and awkward. It was nice and close to the bus station though.

Kaixo Backpackers Hostel

San Sebastian, Spain

This is a really good place if you don't want a noisy dorm or need some time to relax. The staff were really nice and the place was easy to find. The rooms were a little hot as the fan they provided you with didn't have enough power and the walls were a bit thin. Comfy bed though.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This is a really nice hostel. Is more like a hotel with regards to facilities and service. Would definitely stay in this hotel chain again.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Good location and amentaties. Not much of a vibe as it seems it's full of bus tours/groups etc so no activities planned which is a shame for so travellers. My first encounter with staff was quite poor as they seem less than interested in pointing out places to go on map etc but the same person was much nicer the other times I asked. Must of been having a bad moment. Would probably stay again.

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

Awesome hostel. Group dinner every night if you want to join and ├╝ber friendly staff. Will help you with everything. Nice and clean only issue is to get to rooms 4 & 5 you need to walk through 3 which was a bit weird. I suppose if u wear ear plugs it would be fine. Everyone was really courteous so that helps. Location not as close as I would like but still within a close walking distance. Great for solo traveller.

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

Good location and high security. Loved the free breakfast however would be nice if the wifi and computers worked properly. Great for a solo traveler like me as there was lots of activities available with other people and hostels. Staff were nice enough and helpful. Cleanliness good however the water runs out in the morning and there was a god awful banging noise with the water pump outside room 202. Water only stays on for 20sec before u have to press the button again which is annoying.

Home Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

Good hostel in great location. My room was right next to the front door and the window opened onto the plaza. No problem with the noise thou I was wearing earplugs. There is a locker in each room and security is great. The staff were really nice and helpful. Bathrooms were really clean which was great. I was a solo traveller do if your looking to meet lots of new people this is probably not the place as its quiet with no group activities. Also no elevator so don't bring much luggage.