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Location: Switzerland, Gender: Male, Age: 32

San Juan International Hostel

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Hostel Villa Vento Surf

Panama City, Panama

Nice place, but somehow the atmosphere is not all that good. Nice beeds and good lockers. Nice to have a pool. BBQ was bad...


Good beds, to view restrooms, no breakfast. Nice location inside the old town.

The Dreamer

Palomino, Colombia

Nice Pool, nice bar, close to the beach, generally nice place to be, happy hour. Slow internet limited to 3 connections, very nice staff, no AC... Would def. go again.

SamS VIP Hostel San Gil

San Gil, Colombia

Generally nice hostel, but VIP for me is all about the treatment, not just the infrastructure (which is awesome, electronic lockers, lockers in rooms, pool. sauna, blue ray player...). You have to make your bed, and no breakfast etc. for that price I'd rather have breakfast included...

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we try to make the hostel as you said N1 in infrastructure, about the beds we always do the beds on your arrival just that we dont do it everyday of your staying as many costumers leave many staff and most costumers recommend not to touch anything on top of the bed, about breakfast , there are not hostels in San Gil that will give you breakfast and not for that price 20000 dorm bed, it is impossible, and for 20000 all the infrastructure you know have to keep well maintanece and rent

Lima Limon Candelaria Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

This is a very nice hostel. Unfortunately it can be very loud since the common area is inside and closed an all the dorms are located around with basically no isolation. Staff should better take care of this situation and demand quietness after about 11:00 or 11:30 for the guests that have to sleep. Nice location (be aware its not too save tough, even if it looks very nice!). Just two showers / bathrooms per gender could be a bottle neck.

Hostel Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A very nice hostel. Depending on where you stay, could be loud (front rooms facing the road). Nice staff, nice rooftop bar, AC, breakfast...

El Galope Horse Farm

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

A very relaxing Hostel! I loved the peaceful atmosphere! Miguel and Monica have been awesome hosts and even cooked Fondue for me! It was also interessting to visit the Swiss Colony close by. Loved the sauna!

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the best hostels. Despite it's relative "bigness" the large common area makes it easy to connect to people and find new friends. Lots of activities like free tango lessons add to that. Very good infrastructure with TV room, WiFi in every corner and a nice courtyard. Every room has lockers, separate WC, AC and keys for every member. Can be a tad loud at night.

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Thank you very much for your comments!! See you next time!!!

Garden Stone

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

I really enjoyed the stay in Garden Stone, a beautiful little hostel with a peaceful garden and pool. The staff was very friendly and there was a good breakfast. I would definitely recommend staying here or in a hostel near by. The argentinian side of the falls is so much nicer, not just the falls but also the town. The hostel is close to the border (and still in walking in walking distance to the center) of the town wich was excellent for me to do a run!

Jericoacoara Hostel - TIROL

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Very nice and helpful owner. Good breakfast (great bread!), WiFi albeit somewhat slow, you can wash your cloth and there is a nice kitchen. Lots of hammocks and a nice living area. Very clean. Gaucho does BBQ every now an then, very casual! He cares about what you did and how it went. Organized a 4x4 to Atins for a group of us! Probably the best place for cheap in Jeri. Would be nice: Better security during night. There is a door, but you can easily get past and no night guard ;)

Hostel Terra da Luz

Fortaleza, Brazil

The super nice staff really makes all the difference. They do everything to help you and just returned from a trip and try hard to get the place running (again). There were small things to improve but no deal breakers. It's definitely worth recommending.

SugarCane Hostel

Pipa, Brazil

Plus: + Lots of space + Nice guests + Nice bar on rooftop with nice view + Free towels + Lockers Minus: – What really bothered me is to security – or the lack thereof. At night, there is no one there and the front door is left open. One night a obsessive brazilian guy followed one of our girls inside the hostel! Owner did nod seem to care. – Using computer costs money – Internet was slow – Now free drinking water (tough you could ask to use the one in the office) – HOT

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Hi Noel, how are you? this is just a quick message to say thanks for review in order to make it better and better, hoever you booked for 2 nights and stayed longre then 01 week, so i guess the Hostel was not that bad. Pipa is very save and you can come and go anything however its not my fault waht you guys do when you leave the Hostel to go party. as you know we life even 2 minuts from the Poilice, so if you felt anything you should go there and ask for them help. About things that needs to be done to make the Hostel better and better am doing, but its impossible to please everyone!!! Regards, RICARDO

Republika Hostel

Natal, Brazil

This is a VERY good Hostel! The house is exceptionally nice and uncommonly clean, thanks to Vanesca :) The owner is really nice and the staff is helping with everything, even helped searched a portuguese teacher for me. The rooms are nice and every bed has a power outlet and a reading light! But, in some rooms there are not enough lockers. It's close to the bus station and the beach. The breakfast is also nice with fresh fruit jus.

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Thank you very much! Vanesca was very happy with your comment, now she's take some vacation! We hope to see you soon! :)) RPBK team

Paraty Beach Hostel

Paraty, Brazil

The staff is helpful and friendly – but is more of a laisser-faire atmosphere and does not feel very professional. Its at a nice location close to town and directly in front of the beach. I stayed in a 6 bed room and there is hardly space! There are mosquito nets tough, I didn't get bitten this time! Also the toilets/bath is not really clean. I think I would go to the gecko hostel next door next time, seams much more professional and has air-conditioning.

Barra Guest Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

The rooms where good, the beeds are a bit hard but there is a power outlet for every bed, which for me is a very important feature that should be a must for all hostels but unfortunately is not. All beds have lockers. Every room has its on shower. Also the free caipirinha hour is a blast. We really liked the super nice staff – though at times there where not enough people, for example there was no breakfast left anymore at 10 and no one to replace it. There is no identification and no cameras.

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Why didn't you read the Terms and Conditions of our Hostel? It says there that the breakfas08:15t starts at and .goes til 10:00/10:45 so don't say things that aren't true - clever guests wake up, have the breakfast and then they go back to bed - CLEARLY not your case The beds , well you're the first to complain about orthopedic mattress- I guess they are too good for you No identification??? Really ??? OK . Isnt your passport number F1**211*1? Weren't you born on the 4th of November???I care a lot about my guests security and NO ONE enters here without indentification, I have a security night (you probably didn't realized as he doesn't wear a Security uniform to avoid being a target) and we have cameras in the kitchen, in the lounge area and outside the Hostel so make sure of the things you say before opening your big mouth. If it was so bad, WHY DID YOU COME BACK???? I'm making sure you'll never ever enter this hostel again. Your name is with the night guard so you'll never complain about the security anymore, ok??? Ah!!! And you were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO kind and polite that forgot to thank for the free night (got the full night staying back) plus the double caipirinha because of 1 hour delay on your friend check-In. You're were rude in the beggining and after all you're not only rude but you don't tell the truth. Do me a favour, never come back again, you're not wellcome, good bye!!!