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Seoul Base Camp

Seoul, South Korea

Overall it is a good enough hostel (though not as excellent as I imagined from the other reviews). Relatively good location (pretty close to the metro and in the corner of the Hongdae region - best one in Seoul). High point is the atmosphere: one of the few 'party hotels' in the city that I know about. Don't know what's the big deal on the breakfast they offer, nothing more than toast with butter or jam, waffle and powdered coffee. Not bad, but wouldn't highly recommend the place.

IS@K Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

Great hostel, high point was staff, very helpful and friendly. The hostel itself is well kept, small and cozy. Didn't quite have an integrative atmosphere amongst the guests, though. They could use better the rooftop they have for throwing parties or doing some kind of social event. Besides that, only praises to the place.

BlueHi Hostel

Kenting, Taiwan

The hostel is good enough, with good facilities and rooms (although the beds are indeed terrible: noisy and very thin mattresses). Good value for money, considering also that they are one of the few that offers a fair free breakfast. Since they are located in the middle of a town, away from the beach and every other nice place in Kenting, it is a good deal to rent a scooter there for NT600. Or if you wanna spend the whole day in only one or two places, it's easy to catch a bus (30/50 one way)

JV's Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

I've been to a lot of different hostels in Taipei (since I spent quite a long time there) and can say there are no great ones. But within the possibilities, JV's is possibly the best one. Great atmosphere, with ppl from all around the world coming in and out everyday, very friendly staff, great location (right in the middle of a night market - for food - and 30 min walk from Taipei 101 - for entertainment, clubbing)

The Meeting Place

Taipei, Taiwan

Good place, cheapest one there is in Taipei. It lacks though a more dazzling atmosphere (in the evenings, for example, instead of socializing, drinking, partying etc, people there stay in the common area just texting and using their computer), so if you'r looking to make some friends and interact with other people, this is probably not the hostel for you. There's also the fact that we guests were kicked out of the hostel because they were having some problems with the cops...can you imagine that


Great hostel! Nice structure and good value for money. The girls at the reception are really kind and helpful, specially Amanda.

Beijing Leo Courtyard

Beijing, China

Great hostel, had a really pleasant stay there. After reading some bad reviews here I was a little afraid I'd pick the wrong place to stay for more than a week in Beijing. They all turned out to be unrealistic to me. Maybe the not so good cleaniness is the only valid criti (plus the fact that beer in their bar is a little expensive). Otherwise, great, cheap, well located place (about 20 min walk from subway, in the core of a Hutong, so you get to experience the real local community)

VIP House

Cusco, Peru

Nice hostel, only stayed there for one night, but I can tell it is a nice place to rest. Staff is really helpful

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Just... perfect. I've been in a lot of hostels so far, and this is probably the best of them all. Great people and atmosphere, parties every night... I don't know what else to say, the place is just perfect.

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Dear guest, thank you very much for your comments, look forward to having you with us and offer better experiences, Alejandro H. Front Desk Manager


Day staff is nice, sympathetic and helpful. Night staff is not. Good hostel, confortable and clean, but lacks the typical spirit of hostels, with very few integration between people. I mean, there's not even a common area...

Hatters on Newton Street

Manchester, England

Actually not as good as I expected (by the description). Not confortable and very clean, the partying stuff may not be as good as it sounds... Oh, and while I was in Hatters, there were basically only men staying in there, sad fact.


Cardiff, Wales

Very nice hostel, it surprised me. However, location is not very good (comparing to the other hostels in Cardiff, its actually very far! - but the city is not that big and it takes 15 min walking from the centre)

Roma Scout Center

Rome, Italy

It looked more like a hotel than a hostel (but with the price of a hostel!) - which is good, the conforts of a hotel. The only issue is that it is far from everything (although it is near a metro station, so it's not really a huge problem).

Sandy Hostel

Rome, Italy

I honestly thought I paided for something better than that. No doubt it is very well located, but the facilities are very lousy and unconfortable, the shower is kinda broken, clogged etc (and there's only one for the entire hostel!). The rooms are hot and full of mosquitos (because we have to leave the windows opened). Well, to make things short, I wouldn't recommend this hostel to anyone. For the same amount of money you can surely find something better!