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B Movie Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Great location and great price these are the good things. The negatives are the lack of informed staff members. When I asked how to get to the main train station for an early train they tell to walk across the bridge take a 30 minute bus ride around whole city wasting a lot of time with luggage. When in fact there are trams right outside the place and the whole journey should take only 20 minutes. Kind of off putting to be told things from people that do not Krakow....


Great location that is easy to find from the main train station. I really enjoyed having the bar and restaurant here that makes for a nice way to start or unwind your time while here in Bratislava. My only complaint would be the lack of wall outlets for charging my phone...had to share a power strip with other bunk mates that didn't seem to reach to all the beds.

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Hi, thank you for your nice comment. We'll do something with the electricity plugs.

Hostel Katowice Centrum

Katowice, Poland

The girl natalja that works here was very nice with good advise on cheap places to go on mariaczka street and the hostel is super close to the train station! There needs to be a bigger kitchen here however for making meals and there is really no common room:(

Frolic Goats Hostel

Poznan, Poland

This place is a good location for places in the city and the kitchen is really good here but, the noise is very loud being across street from the chocolate club.

Giramundo Hostel

Ibiza, Spain

The staff here was amazing for keeping you informed of parties on the island.........The only complaint I have is that I wish they had 24 hour staff for the common areas. When coming home late it seems a little awkward having to unwind so quickly before returning to the dorms. Super close to beaches and buses for other parts of the island. Very good if you are staying at a hostel while in Ibiza!

Sax Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The location of this hostel is perfect right next to the the river in Ljubljana....The hostel itself however really needs a kitchen so you do not have to eat out all the time. Quite a shame since it is right next to a grocery store. A common room would be nice too.

House Hostel Zadar

Zadar, Croatia

Chashmere and Goga are a super nice and friendly couple that will give you alot of good tips for enjoying Zadar as well, as surrounding areas. They helped me with my bus information for getting back to Zagreb too. Also they invited me out to a great summer opening at a club called Vadana and bought me a couple of drinks......very nice people!


Seriously amazing island experience with all the facilities to make it an amazing place to hang out at after going to the beach. Great terrace and pool shower for unwinding before going out in the evening to Hvar town! All the proper facilities of a hotel with the atmosphere of a hostel....... this is probably the best hostel I ever stayed at.

Apinelo Hostel

Split, Croatia

This hostel would be a lot better if it expanded to make a common room and bigger kitchen as the ability to socialize and meet people didn't really exist without it. On the other hand the staff is super nice and friendly here so, if not needing to meet people the location and staff are great.

Guest House Taso

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Great easy place to get to in front of the old easy to meet people while staying here.........The quality of the kitchen was bad when I stayed here as well as power outages occasionally but that didn't effect me too much. Wish it had a common room as I often do when staying at places.

The Wallaby House Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Anna and the other guy were very helpful for places in the neighborhood and getting around Zagreb.......Literally is a house so the kitchen is big and very nice as well as a backyard to throw bbq at the house.........only draw back is it is not right in the center but super convenient when coming from the bus station.

Cool & Chic Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Jaime was super nice and helpful for getting around in BCN top kudos to him and his friendship during my stay.

Mad4you Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Monica who works here is a really cool person who helped me find my bus from here to Barcelona very well and easy....which was a life saver for me because I found the Madrid metro fairly confusing......the only thing is they should have metro maps here but the staff knows the city really well.

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Dear guest, we would like to show you our appreciation for writting a review about Mad4You Hostel! Your feedback has been very important to us!! We will make sure that we have metro maps printed for our guests. We hope to see you very soon again here in Madrid! :) Greetings from the Mad4You Team!!

Lucky D's

San Diego, USA

This Hostel was awesome with a really cool diverse staff that had alot of free activities out of the hostel to engage in. The have a partnership with a hostel in Baja however, that I wish I would have known about before I came as I would have gone down there if I knew beforehand. So hopefully they will update that as one of the things for stuff that they offer on here to help planning if you are interested in going down to Baja to surf and stay for a few nights.


Boise, USA

Being that there are no other Hostels in nowhere Idaho this seems to be the only choice.......but I felt that the hostel did not have alot of information regarding local events in the area....which could probably use a little more brochures of things to so around the area.

Fortaleza Guest House

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I stayed both here and San Juan international hostel when I was in San Juan. I liked San Juan International alot better for several reasons: 1) Once you find San Juan International it is easy to drive back to there as here you have to fight for parking in Old san Juan which is a nightmare. 2) There is no common space here like a living room to socialize and talk to other travelers. 3)The upstairs kitchen is sort of falling apart. 4)They make you give them a 10.00 key deposit.

Rincon Inn

Rincon, Puerto Rico

My only suggestion would be to be allowed to use the swimming pool a little later than 7p.m. being how the best beaches for surfing you need a car to get to from Rincon often guests may not return here until about 5ish in the evening or so. The common area is very big with a big kitchen dining room and living room.

San Juan International Hostel

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Francisco is a great Hostel manager......He even came and helped me find the place in crazy San Juan by finding me and having me follow him directly to get there. If your going to be in San Juan I strongly recommend staying here because it is close to Old San Juan without the stress of getting out of Old San Juan which is a horrible place to be driving. The guest room and balcony are great for meeting other travelers!

Bahia del Paraiso

Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Dawn and Josue are amazingly generous! They let me swim their pool that is part of their bed and breakfast down the hill and let me take out their kayak in the bay of Naguabo for free! Best kitchen for any hostel that I ever stayed at. Great hidden little spot on the east coast of the island that only the locals really know about. A wonderful area to chill out at from all the bustle of San Juan

San Juan International Hostel

San Juan, Puerto Rico

There needs to be parking availability since it is on a very narrow street in Santurce I received a parking ticket leaving this morning....The off street parking is kind of park at your own risk.