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Location: USA, Age: 37

Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik, Croatia

All staff are selfie-less, especially Joe (haha)! Great place to stay for price. 20-min drive from old town, but exclusive shuttle service takes care of that. Devon (Dave) is the best! I miss Katarina ;). Never been to a hostel with a pool. Awesome view and beach down street along with restaurant and market to take care of hunger needs. Showers can be a bit cold and no lock on bathroom door, but these are minor to the personality of this place. If you want to be good with staff, be sarcastic ;)

Hobo Bear Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Sanja is a sweetheart! Do the plitzvicka day trip with Vuku. Have a meal at Medvedgrad (spellcheck) or Kava Tava. Have cevapi from 125 Ilica. Good location and great staff!

Rooms Montalbano

Rovinj, Croatia

Very pleasant stay. Awesome room. Comforting an relaxing.

Riva Hostel Pula

Pula, Croatia

Great place, views, location, staff, and character. Shipyard cranes light up at night and view from room was perfect. Go to Jupiter's pizzeria or Da Piero 2 for a dinner meal.

Green Frog Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

The first thing that I judge a hostel by is how I am received; prior to my stay, the reception is welcoming and assuring of any concerns I have. When I do arrive, I am greeted by the host with welcome arms and immediately treated like family or a close friend. And throughout my stay, I feel like I am AT home, rather than away in a foreign land. This all makes a huge difference in my traveling experience. This is why I love Green Frog. This is what sets it apart from the rest. Fiare vecchi luam!

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We do thank you ! See you soon again !


Value for the money, definitely. It´s located within 10 min walking distance to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and London Eye. Also, about 3 min from metro station. Karaoke was definitely fun with the locals there. Pizza is great together with happy hour and discounted drink. Hopefully, you don´t get the bottom bunk if you don´t like sleeping next to the floor.


Second time through was no different from the first. This place is great! Secure key cards, though the security of your possession may depend on your roommates. Probably the only negative are the ones there to party and walk in late at night making noise. But generally, it´s quiet and guests are respectful.

Triana Backpackers

Seville, Spain

When I compare the prices to that of other hostels I've been to in Sevilla, they are slightly above the norm. I can't complain though, it was a nice stay, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The location is in best proximity to Calle Betis, a popular avenue for nightlife.

Hostel the Globe Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Can't beat the location. About 5-10 min walking distance from the Centraal Station, in which Schipol Airport is a 20 min train ride. Also, located in the Old Town vicinity and the Red Light District. Coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, shops, attractions are all located within proximity to this hostel. The hostel itself reminded me of some sea-faring vessel, haha. Bunks don't have rails so be careful not to fall off the top whilst sleeping ;)

Amstel House Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The selling point of this hostel is it's value for the money. It's away from the center, but close to the metro and bus that will take you there within 5 to 10 min. There are plenty of young people coming through here, so finding people with whom to party or accompany you is easy enough. Beds and facilities were clean and presentable, but nothing fancy. It's pretty much like staying in a college dorm. No free breakfast, and lockers require locks on your part, but they do have a safe.

Old Prague Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Best value for your money and to meet people that can lead into many positive directions. Nick was the best staff member, genuinely friendly and helpful. I extended my stay there 3 times during the week I ended staying in the city. Close proximity to sites (especially Old Town Square), transportation, and the Beer Museum is around the corner. The O Pat Chocolate Beer is the best! Like a tootsie roll. Definitely one of the best experiences of my travels.

Green Frog Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Roxana is the best! She is the heart and soul of this hostel. You're initial thought of this place is "hippie," and may seem average, but I have not had a better experience interacting with staff than here. I felt at home here, something I have never done in another hotel or hostel. The staff, and the owner, make you feel at home and sincerely become your friends. There is a Romanian take out called "La Mara" which has great food for dirt cheap prices. Thanks, Roxana!

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Thank you teacher !

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

Best value for your money in Firenze, period! The free breakfast??? You will not find a better deal than in this hostel. They have a cafeteria in which you can select an American type breakfast, with a drink of your choice. On top of that is a buffet of other food. The hostel is characterized by graffitied walls, and imitation classical statues, with a green garden in the middle. Love this place!! Close to train station, clean, and has lockers.


Value for your money? Hell yes! Clean, but no lockers. Staff is great, and while it's in an average location --because of the street it's on-- it's still a safe area and in the center.