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Mambo Tango Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

LOVED THIS HOSTEL! Staff was so nice, very clean, and homey feel!!! Would highly recommend.

Ole Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Was there for less than 4 hours, but it looked like a kinda shady hostel.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Everyone stressed how this was such a party hostel, but they close the outdoor part of the bar early at night, then shut down the inside bar and make you go downstairs to their tiny club, which no one was really hanging at. I was pretty disappointed. But they had good food you could buy for breakfast and lunch, and the facilities were average upstairs. Bathroom was too small for the amount of people sharing it though. Beds were average and rooms were alright.

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We appreciate the time it took for you to review us, so thank you. We're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy our dungeon. Unfortunately, we have neighbours, so we have to bring the roudy crowd in early. Because of this, we've renovated downstairs! We knocked down walls created a bigger bar, and made it non-smoking, we're ready for the summer and for the party, every night. We're happy, guests are happy, neighbours are happy, and you would be too :) Thanks again, el

A Casa di Giulia

Verona, Italy

Absolutely nothing bad to say about this place. Had a wonderful and peaceful stay, the facilities were great, and they let us use their bikes which was very helpful to go across the water. Verona is a beautiful and kind town, and this bed and breakfast really reflected that!

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Great and fun hostel, the only thing that bothered me was to get to the bathroom I had to go down stairs, which was inconvenient. Beds were also pretty flimsy and the boards kept falling. Breakfast wasnt included but it was really good. Right near a bunch of the other hostels though and this was the best one out of the others.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It was a very quaint hostel, with small facilities with a more homey feel. Some of the staff were super helpful, but one women rubbed me the wrong way though. Another problem I had was more with the other people staying there, the big rooms are right by the kitchen in the morning, and people would leave the door wide open at 8am and start talking loudly in the kitchen, being completely rude to those who were still trying to sleep. The bathrooms were also not the best, and the wifi is a joke..

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The Wi-Fi is not laughing anymore. It's all new now and accessible throughout the hostel, and beyond!


If it had air conditioning it would be perfect, but other than that, it was the best hostel for the best price we have stayed at in all of Europe so far!

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The only real problem was the fact there was only one outlet per room of 6 people. Otherwise in a great location, and they were handing out free champagne at one point!

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Thank you for your response and rating! Good to see that you enjoyed your stay! The staff can be really generous :) We are aware that a few rooms have one or two power outlets. You can always ask reception for a solution. Kind Regards, Stayokay Vondelpark


The hostel was a great hostel overall, the only problem was the location. It is so far from main city things, and is on the edge of the city lines in not that great of area. I had no problems with the hostel itself though. I loved the privacy curtains and the hallway bathrooms were fine.

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Hi dear guest, We want to thank you for the time taken to give us your feedback, it really mean a lot to us. You will be please to learn that we have open a new St-Christopher's Inns hostel at Gare du Nord which is closer to the center. Best regards. The St-Christopher's team!