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we were only there for one night, but the place was extremely clean and comfortable. the bed was soft and the private bathroom was extremely clean. if i were going to hangzhou again (which I do want to), i would stay here again. the west lake is walking distance, and there are lots of restaurants and shops nearby.

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

The hostel is not close to any of the major attractions. To get to most tourist attractions you will have to cab or bus it, unless u like to walk for 45 to 60min. It is close to the major street market for shopping and eating though. My biggest problem is their lack of english communication skills. Usually it doesnt annoy me much, but how can you advertised urself as an international hostelling when the staffs cant even explain how the laundry system work.

Touran Backpacker Hostel

Hangzhou, China

the hotel is a bit far from the train station, but the botanical garden, hangzhou bay and west lake gardens were all nearby, which made it awesome. unfortunately, there are very little restaurants nearby. the staff werent very helpful. they always looked to busy for us, and when we asked to call a cab, the guy said it wouldnt be possible if we were travelling a short distance. when we asked if its easy to catch a cab on our own, he said no. so we had to wait in the rain for awhile. THANKS a lot.

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Sorry for the inconvience for the transportation in Hangzhou. We ourselves are always frustrated by the taxi calling in Hangzhou too. We did try to make calls to the taxi calling center, without reply from any taxi. Meanwhile, from 2pm to 6pm in Hangzhou, which is the shift-changing time for taxi drivers in Hangzhou, which means, it's really next to impossible to take a cab though, and that's why we did recommend our guest to take the bus, rather than taxi, which is more punctual and reliable, to some extent. Sorry again for the inconvience.


it was a great hostel in bustling city. the hostel was located away from the crowd in an alley, but its close to the subway, a park, and restaurants. the staff spoke good english n were very helpful. we booked a private room that was extremely clean, but small. it did not have an out view window, which made the whole room stuffy and humid at times. they had laundry available for 8 yuan per machine. they did have a dryer!

Plum Flowers House

Guangzhou, China

the host was extremely friendly and nice. he n his mother allowed us to check in at 7am in the morning. his english is extremely good and was very helpful about things to do in guangzhou. the private room had a private western bathroom, however the bathroom in the living room is a squatter. our room was extremely humid n stuffy, which might be cause by the weather, it was a whole week of rain. the bed was also extremely hard, but overall, the place was good.

Guilin Central Hostel

Guilin, China

best part was the free laundry and awesome tours. although they didnt allow an early check in, we got the opportunity to explore around. there are the sun n moon pagodas, park and malls nearby. the staff spoke english well and were extremely helpful. a negative would be the hard bed and smelly bathroom. but overall, a great hostel. i would go again when i come back to guilin. ps - the washer is free of use and washing powders are povided. you need to air dry the clothings though.


Everything about the hostel is pretty much great! The room had everything you need and is extremely comfortable. We loved the DVD player and abundant amount of DVDs you can borrow to watch. The only thing that they can improve on is maybe regulating a smoking zone in their restaurant and maybe reorganizing their laundry area. You can do laundry for free which is awesome, but there isnt much room to hang your clothings.

The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

The location and staffs are great, but our private room felt extremely dark because of bad lighting. The window faced the hallways instead of outside which defeats the purpose of the window. China is very heavy on the smoking culture, but nonetheless, its a bit frustrating to smell smoke in the hallways and restaurant. On top of that, the hostel is a bar at night which can be a bit noisy. The bathroom was also a bit smelly, but someone is also always cleaning it.

Huy Hoang Garden Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

good location near hoi an old town, but not close enough to hear all the noises. hotel was clean and comfy with a nice swimming pool. The laundry service is reasonably priced, but can be done cheaper within the hoi an old town. Free breakfast was limited but pretty delicious. I would stay again.

Elbrus Home

Kathmandu, Nepal

Elbrus is extremely friendly and helpful. He kept offering us tea and asking us how we liked the place. Their breakfast is delicious. Elbrus' Home is very relaxing and comfortable compared to the rest of the city. The only negative thing is that the place is hard to find. We were in a cab circling around Thamel multiple times while asking many ppl on the streets where Elbrus' Home was, but no one had any idea. If I were to stay at Kathmandu again, I would definitely come back to Elbrus' Home.

The North Face Inn

Pokhara, Nepal

This place is wonderful. Its extremely close to the lakeside, but not on the main street (so its quiet and peaceful). The room are huge and most have balconies/ windows that lets you see the Fishtail (Himalayas). The family is nice and helpful. They will organize everything for you, but hiring a guide is definitely more expensive here because of the commission. Its best to find a guide not through any agency/guesthouse, but harder. Some do stroll the streets, or look for personal websites.

Khangsar Guest House

Kathmandu, Nepal

The guesthouse picked us up from the airport and staff were always very helpful. They lent us their copy of the lonely guide book and offered us tea. We did have to climb a bit of stairs to get to our rooms, and the hot water was not always available (only when its sunny - solar powered ...maybe we were using it at the wrong time of the day). There was a TV available in the room which is nice. The bed sheets were not exactly the cleanest, but acceptable.

Hotel Heritage Inn

Amritsar, India

The Hotel is extremely close to the Golden Temple, but their room felt like a refrigerator. We literally went out to purchase two extra blankets just to be able to fall asleep. The bed sheets and blankets were extremely dirty. The staffs were very helpful and provided us with free breakfast, but I would not say that the price was worth it. They do have hot showers, but it runs out rather quickly. You can only get wifi in the lobby, which is common with budget accommodation in India.

Vinayak Guesthouse

Jaipur, India

Wonderful family, wonderful service. This was the best guesthouse I've stayed at in India. Hot water, tv, private bathroom, comfy bed and spacious room. Wifi is available in the wifi room or at their roof top restaurant. The breakfast is delicious.

Jagdamba Guest House

Jodhpur, India

By a budget guesthouse in India, Jagdamba is a pretty good bargain. The place is pretty clean, food at the guesthouse is safe and inexpensive. The owners are kind and generally help you out. I don't have any particular complaints about the guesthouse except to be prepared to shower with a bucket. Despite that, there is a private bathroom with 24/7 hot water. I'd say that this is one of the better places you can stay at in India.

Udai Haveli Guest House

Udaipur, India

The family that owns this guesthouse are awesome and wonderful. We arrived 6am because of a early flight, and he woke up and welcomed us with a smile. He let us rest up before offering us wonderful advice on what to do. Not only did he help us meet other travelers, he would give us fair quotes for prices to pay so rickshaw drivers couldn't cheat us. It extremely clean with good atmosphere. Beautiful view of sunset and lake on the roof. It's located right by the lake and palace.

Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

I realize that this is a budget accommodation in a city with rather expensive hotel rates but when I left this place I still felt like I didn't get my money's worth, despite the lower price. The first night we stayed at Traveler's Inn the ceiling fan was SO loud that I literally could not hear my partner speak when she was right next to me. They moved us to another room the next day, which was better. The directions to the hotel are extremely poor. The staffs need to learn to smile as well.

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Dear Guest Thank you for you review but we are always smiling and welcoming to our Hotel ... The directions are the best to our place an easy to understand well u need to ask us if u need help we are always here to help u with a smile Thank u Travellers Inn

The Explorers Guesthouse and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I loved the common area of this hostel. It felt like a nice coffee shop. They offered free computer to use, unlimited tea and coffee at all hours and towels for your stay. It's located one metro stop away from KL Sentral, walking distance from Chinatown and Petronas Twin Towers. The bed could have been more comfortable. Everything was extremely clean within the hostel. They had air conditioning and hot showers at all hours. Free toast for breakfast. I would definitely stay here again.

Cocoa Mews

Penang, Malaysia

friendly staffs and good location (right in the heart Little India inside of Georgetown). however, the internet was painfully slow (almost worst than dial-up). Laundry service was expensive (2 average load of laundry nearly cost us $20USD). Bed was definitely very comfortable (probably upgraded after previous reviews).

The Explorers Guesthouse and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I loved the common area of this hostel. It felt like a nice coffee shop. They offered free computer to use, unlimited tea and coffee at all hours and towels for your stay. It's located one metro stop away from KL Sentral, walking distance from Chinatown and Petronas Twin Towers. The bed could have been more comfortable. Everything was extremely clean within the hostel. They had air conditioning and hot showers at all hours. Free toast for breakfast. I would definitely stay here again.

The Mitraa

Singapore, Singapore

The location of the hostel is not exactly ideal, probably one of the poorer parts of Singapore. The area around the hostel is pretty dirty. (I saw a big cockroach strolling down the hall of the Hostel.) There is a long walk from the metro to the actual hostel. You can do laundry, but at their sister location (Mitraa Inn) for $10SGD a load (wash and dry). The bathroom felt muggy (wet/humid). The rooms were nicely air-conditioned though.

Next2 Metro

Taipei, Taiwan

The bathroom area felt small and dirty. On my last morning there, the room had a funky smell. There was a hole in the wall next to my bed. You can see the outside street through it. The bed was also hard as a board. The sitting area had one couch the fits only 3 people. One great thing is that free laundry (wash and dry), but someone accidentally shut off the water, and we had to wait until water was fully restored in the whole hostel. There was also lots of construction going on outside.

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Hi May, Thanks for your comments. 1. During your stay, it is almost full, so many people use the bathroom, we will clean it more often everyday. 2.We checked the hole, it is destroyed by some guest before. We will fix it immediately, thanks for telling us. 3. Only one couch but still many seats in the counter and 2nd floor. 4. Sorry for the water issue. 5. Yes, the outside construction is new metro line, will finish in the end of this year. I just would like to say something here, 1. You stayed in a 8 beds dorm, and sometimes, some smell is from someone or his stuff, we are not able to do anything here. 2.We did put the mattress, it might not be as soft as a hotel bed. 3.We provide free washer and dryer to deal your 2 big-bag laundry almost whole day even after check-out.. Because I know that the backpackers need it. 4.Guests can stay here after check out to use free wifi or rest in our common area This is an old house, and our facilities are not brand new. But we try hard to make you happy . And we believe it is worth the money you paid. Anyway, you will experience more hostels in other countries, good luck, and have a nice trip.

Hualien 11

Hualien, Taiwan

Wonderful host and a beautiful home. I loved the room. It had a romantic and private setting. The bathroom was private and great. The hostel is a bit hard to find at first, but it was easy to access afterward. I felt very safe. I would definitely come back to this hostel.


there was a lady that kept stomping up and down the stairs throughout the night and that was extremely annoying, but other than that the hostel was pretty great!

IS@K Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

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