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PLUS Camping Michelangelo

Florence, Italy

It's very good camping specially the location and the view is amazing over Michelangelo square. they just need to find better solution for electricity. it should be supplied also for the tents.

Amigo Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

the staff are very helpful, they give u all the information needed and solve every single problem. also the hostel is clean and not that far form the city center. also beside the hostel, u can find amazing supermarket :). for sure next time in Amsterdam will be in Amigo hostel.

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

the camp is good and u can find everything u need inside -supermarket , bar, restaurant, swimmingpool- the only problem is the location which is not easy to reach specially with the horrible transportation system in Rome

Hostel Santini Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

No customer comment


the staff was amazing, they are very helpful, kind & funny, thanks to all of u guys (Sani, Samuel,Viviana, Eirika),also the hostel is clean enough, warm,and with good atomsphere.i would suggest this hostel to any one

The White Tulip Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

the rooms are not that much clean, also the staff is not helpful,they even don't smile or give friendly impression except one guy called Samir,the location is very good ,but the hostel stairs are very small so don't take big bags with u,i think there are many hostels in this area more better.

Hostel Zeus

Athens, Greece

Acually the hostel is near the city center, but the staff is not friendly, they are helping when you ask,but just question and answer,only one guy (Ibrahim)who treats friendly and give you all the information you need,anyway, at least I found place to sleep


The hostel was on of the best things in my trip, the staff are very helpful,kindly and funny,all the facilities i needed, i found it, the hostel is clean and located in the center of Budapest,and also it was cheap,thanks to those who make my trip John, Sofia, Evie