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Alpha Hostel - Salvador

Salvador, Brazil

The bathrooms were disgusting. Roaches and other assorted bugs in the drain and lying around generally. The street the hostel was on was so dangerous, I was warned by 3 staff members to never walk down that street (take a 2-block detour), and never even stand in front of the hostel for even the 10 minutes it took my friend to meet me. No taxi driver ever found the place. Get the cross streets of nearby streets to give the taxi. None of the staff spoke English or Spanish. And no breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast 2 - Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

Of 50 hostels, this was bottom 5. It was deserted 3 days and 2 nights I stayed, even though it was a major holiday. The hostel was never cleaned, the bathroom was disgusting, the kitchen was filthy. No dishes were cleaned (most were from staff). They gave bad directions and I ended up paying for an expensive taxi. There was no breakfast one morning. I paid for an extra night but found another hostel few hours later - they wouldn't give me my money back, even though nobody else was staying there.


The staff was friendly. The place was clean. I stayed there right after Christmas and it was very expensive. It was the most I've ever paid for a hostel but the hostel was average. Not bad, not great. There was a relaxed feel, not a party hostel by any stretch of the imagination. It was in a good location so you could party then come back to a quiet hostel and sleep.


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