Reviews: Anonymous

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Nicest hostel I have been to. Lots of space to hang out, especially a nice outdoor patio. Good snack bar, nice staff. When I asked to have our room vacuumed, it was done. The only negative: I had booked a female dorm and was put into a mixed dorm. Location near Central park, and 2 major subways. We could leave the window open at night, and it was not too loud. So, I would come again!


The hostel was nice. I asked for a quiet room and got one at the end of the hall. There were only two beds in the room which I liked. Unfortunately there are only 3 bathrooms per floor, which means one for about 16 people. I had to wait and it was flooded. The staff tried to accommodate me with a new mattress, because mine was poking me, but it did not help. I got a blanket to put under the sheet, which helped. Be aware, this is an international hostel, and you can't be a NY resident to stay.