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Location: China, Gender: Male, Age: 28

Very nice, if u r leaving from Songshan airport very early in the morning, this place would definitely be the best choice; the lounge is very hospitable, with a piano out there. Staff is enthusiastic and helpful. This hostel should rank atop.

Fukuoka Backpackers Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

The staff was really helpful and managed to make a very good atmosphere, we went to a bar with other guests and hosts to make the new year evening, and that was quite unforgettable!! Worth recommending!!

Takama Guest House

Nara, Japan

It's a guest house run by a couple. The facilities are pretty good except public computers are too old too run normally. Rooms are warm and comfortable, except the atmosphere is normal, guess everyone is a bit lazy in the warm temperature in the house.

Hotel Chuo Oasis

Osaka, Japan

It's a hotel, instead of hostel, in which way the receptionists will just give you some very basic and general answers to your question, that's not very helpful. Besides, I sleep alone in a four-bed room, seems quite worthy, despite I want some good atmosphere with other backpackers.

JGH Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

I actually haven't been there and just notified my cancellation in the last minute, which could bring some trouble to JGH's business, but the host is very kind and generous to express his understanding to my situation. We have kind long conversation via e-mail, and thus I'll give it a grade above than its average. May consider it next time!

Nerpa Backpackers

Irkutsk, Russia

All staff are very nice and helpful, the trip to Olkhon was arranged well and attentively. Very good atmosphere, convenient that bus stops and 24-hour supermarket around, except the stairs to basement is a bit too steep and walking to city center is like 30 min if you don't want to take bus. Generally, I like the place, worth recommending!

Indie Hostel

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Location not bad, easy to get there by bus, but a bit far from the center, need walking like 30- 40 mins (come on, Ekaterinburg is not big). The staff is trying to be helpful, however that pretty girl doesn't speak much English despite she tried to understand by using Google translator to help our conversation. (I guest that's the reason why Polina would email to confirm my arrival time for her reception) Generally speaking, very clean and nest place, worth recommending!

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Yu, thank you! Lisa (that pretty girl) is improving her English now. You are welcome again!

Nova Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Something not very satisfactory, like the facilities (shower), etc. I don't know why but guests living here are worse in cleanliness than other hostels I live. Nikita should learn more English, but in my all Russian trip, the price is also the cheapest. So I would say - not bad.

Godzillas Suzdal

Suzdal, Russia

Not many people reside in, probably not peak season or most people will simply choose overnight. Very neat and comfortable place to live in, everything looks smart and new. The place a bit hard to find, and 12 o'clock check-out is must, and further, price a little bit high.

Chillax Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Like it, except the toilet could have been better. The boss's really tricky, got different lovely girls take the reception work on rotation. Generally, very good hostel and surely value for money.

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Awesome!!!! Uncle Giovanni will give a detailed introduction of Napoli and around, he's quite proud of his hometown! 24 guests at most and 4 bathrooms, enough wide dining room, also entertainment room and what a big balcony!!!! Five kitchen ranges and broad space to hang washed clothes!! Got discount of the underground tour(€8 after discount), just 4 min walk distance, and €1 discount of Vesuvio Express in Ercolano!(€17) Great neighborhood for cheap food and things and enthusiastic local guys!


Florence, Italy

Defects: 1) In a bigger room, it's 10 persons to share a bathroom, unfortunately, I had diarrhea in Firenze, which killed me; 2) 18 - 25min walk to Train Station and main scenic spots, depending on your energy and walking speed, but I underestimate this defect because now I understand in a journey, actually everyday my physical energy is exhausted; 3) No place to hang washed clothes, if you want to wash. Good points: 1) Awesome atmosphere!!!!! 2) Great breakfast, red wine & snacks!

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Hi Yu Dan I'm Jonathan from Dany House On site when you make the reservation would be better if you could read the advantages and defects of the structures. You know that the price is proportioned to the structure and the services offered? 1) there is written the fact that we are 15-20 minutes away from Central Station, 2) It says that there is a shared bathroom; 3) I do not know where you saw that you could wash your clothes here! You have only paid 20 euros to stay in Florence! What did you expect?