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Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Safe, clean, friendly and helpful staff, good location and good atmosphere.


Dresden, Germany

Great hostel. Very clean, friendly and helpful staff, perfect location, and not expensive.

Zebra Hostel

Milan, Italy

mosquitoes, Mosquitoes, MOSQUITOES!!!! The showers are terrible

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We apologize for any inconvenience, Unfortunately in summer there are many mosquitoes in Milan, we suggest to buy a repellent. The showers are clean but a bit old so soon we will do some maintenance work to improve the service ! Zebra hostel Staff :)


Dresden, Germany

Great location, really close to the train station. REALLY CLEAN. Friendly and helpful staff. Great prices.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

The thumping bass & vibration of the stereo in the lounge kept me awake every night until at least 1 am. The showers are also NOT accessable until 730 in the morning---separted from the sleeping area.....AND you must pull down and hold a chain if you want continuous water.....and the temperature was slightly above room temperature except for an ocassional burst of warm water. I think I would rather have spent a few Euros more & stayed somewhere else.

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

It was good.

NF Hostel

Krakow, Poland

USELESS STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dresden, Germany

Very clean. Great staff. Terrific location. One of the best I've been to so far.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

Very difficult to get to sleep before 1 or 2 am because everyone in the lounge is so loud and lounge is close to sleeping area. Other than that, very nice.

Amadeus Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Great for the price!


Great location, ok price. One thing they can improve is to update their computers and increase internet speed--extremely slow and always disconnecting. Oh, and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO kitchen.


You get what you pay for, so I have tried to be reasonable. I did not expect 5 stars for 'no star' prices---but they could improve by cleaning---not just sweeping and saying they cleaned. (There is trash and a half inch of dust under cabinets and heaters in the kitchen, and cobwebs galore) ---again, you get what you pay for, but this is something simple the staff could do to improve the place---and something they SHOULD do daily. Good location.