Reviews: Anonymous

Diplomatic Stay

Washington DC, USA

1, the location sucks, there is no subway nearby, you have to either get a cab or take a bus to go anywhere.2, they let the people over book the rooms, which means you think you booked a room, but you might ended up sleeping in the common area on an air mattress.3, the staff sucks, the guy runs around with an ipad is no good for running business. I didn't get the key to lock room, wifi password, blanket, code for front door. he did remember to charge us though. btw they gave us the wrong room.

New York Budget Inn

New York, USA

hands down THE BEST HOSTEL I've been to so far. everything's clean, wifi every floor, air conditioner, fridge, desk, tv in the room. if im coming back to NYC again, this is my absolutely only choice. simply amazing


it was incredibly noisy during the night. there was a truck towing cars or something right outside the hostel 3,4 in the morning. i don't know it was a one time thing or it happens a lot. but it was an awful night for me. the hostel itself is just alright. no wifi in rooms though.