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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 33

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Quite a lovely place to stay in Belgrade. The staff are the best I have encountered at any hostel; friendly, energetic, fun, and beyond helpful - they really make the place shine. The beds are spacious, with ample locker space. A pleasant outdoor area leads to a common room well-suited to meeting fellow travelers over a few beers. Bonuses include: equipped kitchen & video game room. Located in a prime area, this hostel is a Belgrade gem, and strongly recommend. 10/10 would stay again.

Freeborn Hostel

Timisoara, Romania

If this hostel were a beverage, it'd be a wonderfully delicious cup of tea; cozy, warm, with a down-to-earth vibe reminiscent of being in someone's home - it's a wonderful place from which to explore Timisoara. Guided by the most gentlemanly of hosts, Raoul, the hostel is perfectly located next to the center and sights. Play some wii, watch a movie, it's an inviting environment suited to meeting people, or to just chill out. Strongly recommend, 10/10 would stay again.

Umbrella Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Excellent location within easy reach to all sites of interest and transit. The beds are very spacious and comfortable, the rooms clean, and a very well-equipped kitchen primed for cooking. Overall, the hostel has a comfortable, modernist look-and-feel straight out an Ikea catalog, accompanied with knowledgeable and helpful staff. Great base for those in groups; though it's likely solo travelers might find a cozier place if looking to socialize/meet other travelers.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

This is likely the best value in Sofia; excellent kitchen facilities, clean washrooms - shower pressure is amazing, blazing wi-fi, comfy beds; and courteous, helpful staff with excellent music taste, Though this hostel is pretty large, and at times can seem impersonal, it is perfect for groups, or if you simply just want to wander off and do your own thing. Top notch all around.


Skopje, Macedonia

Top notch, and *the* hostel to stay in Skopje. Good beds. Friendly and helpful staff with solid music taste. Excellent shower pressure. Great place to chill out if needed, socialize if desired, and a ~10 minute walk to the center and old town. 10/10 would stay again.

Hostel Han

Pristina, Kosovo

Run by a crew who are likely the 3 coolest dudes in Pristina, this is a cozy and fun hostel that offers an excellent base to explore Pristina. Comfortable beds, wi-fi, decent shower - absolutely no complaints. The staff are awesome, with great suggestions for sights and nightlife, and are fun to hangout with as well. Like to socialize? Stay here. Just want to chill? Stay here. Are you human? Stay here. tl;dr? great place, good people, fun time. Strongly recommended. Hawaii says hello.

Hostel Miran

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Miran openly welcomes you to his home. He is friendly, funny, and makes every effort to cater to guests 'needs. His war tour offers a personal - and emotional - perspective of life during the conflict, and is *the* reason to stay here, and the one must-do activity. The facilities are fine, and supports interaction among the guests; it's also a pleasant walk to the very scenic old town. Highly recommended, and the place to stay if you're looking for a unique Mostar experience.

Palmers Lodge Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

The staff all deserve bonuses and raises; I mean, they even helped me find an apartment, calling/emailing/translating Croatian -- the most helpful staff since the invention of the hostel -- which itself is very clean and relatively new. On the cozier side of small, everything works well (wifi, showers, etc.) w/ free lockers under the beds. Not really a party hostel, and pretty transient feel, as most seem only to stay a night, passing through Zagreb to the coast. But 10/10 would stay again.

Milkyway Hostel Milan

Milan, Italy

This hostel dirty: toilets do not flush, lack of toilet paper, dirty sheets on arrival. It is not secure: the building is open to the street, and many bathrooms do not have locks. Even if you're looking for a one-night bed; you'll be overrun by mosquitoes & stifle in the heat - good luck sleeping. There is no wi-fi, you'll have to go to reception a block away, and have fun finding an outlet there. The hostel is also a daily commute, pretty *far* from Centro. To sum it up: find someplace else.


This is a university dorm converted to a hostel during the summer. The rooms are spacious, cozy, & facilities work well, but it is a bit of a walk to anything interesting. This is not a social place whatsoever, and I barely saw anyone during my stay. It is overpriced, and the staff knows little about Venice that isn't easily found at a tourist information booth. Given the above, it tends to have space for last minute bookings, but I'd make a strong effort, even pay up, to stay somewhere else.

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

It can get fairly hot at night, and the bathroom door doesn't lock. There is no wi-fi until the beginning of Aug '12, for reasons unknown. But there is a basic kitchen, and you're in the Cinque Terre. I suspect there are also cheaper places if you're willing to spend more time looking. But the close quarters helps foster social fun, and everyone bonds over the slightly dismal conditions. Overall, a barebones place that sidesteps functionality, but forces people to interact & have fun.

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

Stayed in a bungalow, quarters are cramped for 3 people, power kept shutting off once each day. Campsite is very far from central Rome, prepare to spend ~1.5hrs waiting for buses, or use the limited shuttle service from the campsite (but last return from Rome at 18:30.) The campsite has a very nice pool, and a nearby supermarket, but no fridge or kitchen. Wifi is dreadfully slow. Scene: families and hordes of young tour groups (ie topdeck). I would prefer somewhere central to Rome next time.

Ave Gratia Plena

Salerno, Italy

Stayed in the male dorm. Bonus for no bunk beds, but room has little ventilation and can get hot at night. Toilet and single shower were not the cleanest, but functional. Free wifi only good for an hour (pay for more time.) If you're with a group of people booking a room, this is a decent place for the price, as its a more of a budget hotel than a hostel. The large common space is cool, but also doesn't lend to much social interaction for solo travelers. Chill place but don't expect a party.

Onda Road

Praia a Mare, Italy

Martina and Papi are standout hosts, guiding you to activities, and fostering a friendly, social environment. Praja is a lovely little beach town to spend a few days and just zone out. Go out on Papi's boat, jump off the grotto cliffs, go paragliding, eat gelatto - there's a little something for everyone. Papi will occasionally even cook a lovely dinner. A great place to meet friendly folks and work on your tan. A strongly & highly recommended experience - only a 3hr train ride from Naples!

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Great social place to stay. Giovanni is the man.

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Giovanni's is perfect for a first-time visit to Naples. Quite proud of his city, Giovanni provides a detailed history of the city and sightseeing recommendations to best guide your stay. Listen to him, as its invaluable and will save you money. Dinners are occasionally provided, which helps foster the overall social and inclusive vibe. the piazza by the hostel is fantastic & safe on the weekend.

Palazzo Savona

Palermo, Italy

Booked a private room - did not come with balcony as advertised. Wifi did not work during the entire 3 night stay, and it did not seem like any effort was made to fix it. AC was a very nice luxury. Excellent location. The upper private rooms are small and plain, though the bathrooms are very spacious. Little to no social interaction within the upper apartment. Not the worst place, not the best place, pretty middling but decent for the price.


Staff were super friendly and helpful. The 9-bed mixed dorm is tiny, and beds are triple stacked - this is the place to grab the top bunk, otherwise enjoy your newfound claustrophobia. Dorms are above a pub, which in addition to backpackers, caters to some interesting, albeit, quite inebriated locals. This is a super social hostel (in a good way) - even difficult to check email without turning down a billiards game. Unfortunately, bathroom facilities are pretty run down and shabby.

Phoenix Hostel

London, England

Decent bang for the buck, nice pub/lounge area. Location is ok, about a minute walk to the tube. Stayed for a night, no fond memories or anything that stood out. Pub downstairs wasn't setup very well to facilitate meeting people, with most groups keeping to themselves. Likely not the best solo traveler's hostel, but that's not to detract from the decent place that it is.

NosDa Studio Hostel

Cardiff, Wales

This is a very chill place, and a good base from which to explore the rest of Cardiff. The staff is particularly helpful and friendly. The bar and interior lounge are spacious, the beds are decent, with very well-maintained and clean bathrooms. There's the odd rule against bringing in alcohol to the common area, but when in Rome...Socially it seems most people tend to sleep here and don't really hang out in the hostel environment. For the price, I would strongly recommend staying here.


This is one of the lower quality St. Christopher's hostels, with much of the building feeling a little bid outdated and old. But it's in the perfect location to explore the Bath attractions, and an easy stumble back from a decent strip of pubs, so for the price for a base in Bath it's a decent value. The bar and hostel are separated, and the common area is on the top floor so it impedes hostel socializing. For Bath, this is an ok place to stay, if only for lack of other budget options.

Equity Point London

London, England

It's a bit difficult to find hidden behind high trees,. During my one-night stay breakfast was overrun with gaggles of high-school tour beware. The location is decent, though the layout within the larger dorms is not ideal: light switches illuminate the entire room and the bedside lights are too bright making it difficult to fall asleep when others are awake. Bonus: the water-pressure in the showers is fantastic. A decent hostel, but others are likely a better deal.


Galway, Ireland

This is a very large hostel. There is a well-equipped kitchen with multiple tables, surrounded by 3 semi-private lounge areas with couches and tables. Fast wifi. Courteous, friendly, and helpful staff. The dorms are a bit on the smaller side to hold so many people, but the beds are solidly above average. This is a *great* base for a group of friends to explore Galway and the surroundings. However, the hostel's sheer enormity makes it difficult for solo travelers to meet new people.

Derry City Independent Hostel

Derry, Northern Ireland

Decked out in Indian/Persian/Sri Lankan decor, the hostel provides a spacious lounge, a cozy dining room with board games and guitars, and a large, well-furnished kitchen. The setup invites social interaction, and the staff is very helpful with recommendations for the nightlife in Derry. The unisex bathrooms aren't the most private and slightly awkward, while the smallish bedrooms don't afford much movement aside from sleep. But its sheer value and fun cannot be beat for exploring Derry.

Portrush Holiday Hostel

Portrush, Northern Ireland

This is a very professionally run hostel. The facilities are top notch; from the well-equipped and clean kitchen, all the way to the toilet paper used in the bathrooms. Everything is well-maintained and the staff is incredibly helpful. It is not a party hostel, and sometimes lacks a social aspect, but that may have been due to the timing of my stay. For a quiet, relaxing and very clean hostel base in Portrush, this likely cannot be beat.


I extended my stay at Camden Place because this hostel, and Dublin, is just so much fun. Excellent staff. Excellent setup for socializing. Just pure excellence. If, given the strange opportunity to transform into any hostel in the world, I would likely choose this one. It's not so much the Optimus Prime of hostels, but more like that fun, yellow, buddy transformer - BumbleBee - except the radio (for all their technology) actually works.


The staff here is beyond superb; everyone is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Standouts include the sharp-witted Frank, the definition of exuberance embodied by Nant, and the Jedi goddess known as Sani - all contribute to make this hostel a truly 'grand' experience. The facilities are average, but are currently undergoing renovation, and street noise can be a mild nuisance. Location-wise, a number of pubs and sights are within easy stumbling distance. Strongly recommended hostel.


Super place for socializing and hanging out with other travelers. Hostel is situated close to the metro, with velib bikes right outside as well; the rest of Paris is easily accessible. Each hostel bed has curtains, little lamps, and sockets to charge your gear. Bathrooms and showers are well maintained. This is a great hostel to buy some wine and meet like-minded travelers, so with that in mind make sure to remember some earplugs. Downsides - bar charges way too much (5 euro) for a beer.


Place is pretty clean, and the facilities decently maintained. The rooms are pretty small so cleanliness depends a lot on your roommates (single bathroom and shower in the room.) The place is not social at all, so it isn't very fun for the independent traveler, but would work well for small groups. The lack of in-room lockers is a negative. Metro is right outside, and the location is conveniently located right at the steps of Montmartre.

The Royal Bayswater Hostel

London, England

This is a terrible terrible terrible hostel. I strongly recommend paying more for someplace else. You will be tempted by the price - but don't fall for it. The 20 person room is a prison. There are two light switches for the entire room, so everyone is disturbed when someone enters. When it rains the roof leaks and water droplets fall onto beds. Everything smells like mold. Anti-social vibe. The pictures on the website are completely out dated and make the hostel look better than it is!

St Christopher's Village

London, England

Staff was very friendly and welcoming, and answered all questions Appreciate the free and reliable wi-fi liked the convenience of a bar/pub downstairs nice social 'vibe', lounge and room arrangements tends helps foster social interaction Bathrooms weren't always cleaned; some of the facilities (toilet seat) were broken

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Hey there. Thank you very much for your comment. We are very glad to hear that you had a great time staying with us and that our staff could help you with everything you needed. Sorry for the broken toilet seat. We always do advise our guest to inform us asap if something is not the way it should be. We hope to see you soon again and wish you all the best for future travels. St. Christopher's Team